New Issues of Economic War: Industrial, Economic, Social and Cultural Challenges of the French Science Pau Alumni Association, March 17, 2022, Paris.

New Issues of Economic War: France’s Industrial, Economic, Social and Cultural Challenges
Sciences Po Alumni, Thursday, March 17th, 6pm
** Christophe Dubois-Damien **, President of the Sciences Po in Paris in 1980, and ** Philippe Clerc **, President of the Academy of Economic Intelligence, invite you to a ** hybrid-mode conference on the bill. On March 25, 2021, we created the National Economic Intelligence Program. ** This bill was submitted by Senator Marino Ellienemann and 14 other Senators. The purpose is to ensure and organize the protection and promotion of the economic, industrial and scientific interests of a country, especially its territory. 6 Speakers: – ** Marie Noel Rienemann **, Former Senator, – ** Stanislas Guerini **, Deputy or Senator LREM (Unconfirmed) – ** Philippe Klerk **, Academy of -Academy President Economic Intelligence, – ** Ali Laïdi **, France 24 Journalist, Iris Researcher, – SGDSN (General Administration of Defense and National Security) ** Vincent Desroches **, – ** Christophe Dubois- Damien ** Person, referral manager, moderator. France, unlike other great powers, has no major legislation in the field of economic intelligence. It is time to take a new step, considering the usefulness of economic intelligence that will help us in our essential industrial strategy. France’s recovery, France’s 2030 plan: what economic intelligence for their implementation? The government’s statement that 2020 and 2021 will “start a strategy” to attempt to address the economic, ecological and energy challenges at the heart of the economic war that our competitors are facing us. Characterized by the desires made. Does the ** France Renewal and France 2030 ** mark the end of a “strategic vacuum” in support of industrialization and preparation for tomorrow’s world? The priority is set. The construction of a new production base aims to address the unprecedented ecological and energy transformation of our society, the restructuring of the global value chain, and the diminishing dependence of the economy, including areas of knowledge and expertise. And. These priorities are driven by awareness of economic warfare and the desire to restore margins of strategic autonomy and sovereignty. The course is set. However, the debate is open and addresses the too Colbertistic nature of these plans, the lack of cross-cutting, and the “technological centrality” that undermines social and cultural visions. The governance of these plans has been questioned: what is the role of the “political strategist”? What freedom of action is given to “strategic entrepreneurs” in risk-taking? This essential reflection raises the question of the role of public policy in economic intelligence. It may outline the answers to these questions related to these ambitious plans and the strategies underlying their actions. When France takes over as chair of the European Council, this discussion will also make it possible to focus on many questions related to global governance or the economic security of relevant strategic sectors and businesses. You can choose to register directly or online. The number of face-to-face locations is 26 rue Saint Guillaume Paris 7th, limited to 30. Once registered, the zoom of the invitation link will automatically appear in the invitation at the top below the online section.
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A conference of subject experts to discuss the future of economic intelligence and national economic warfare.

Sciences Po Alumni 26 rue Saint-Guillaume 75007 Paris Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin district

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