Forum on “Territorial Charm”: Attractive Cities, Economic Means

Making the region more attractive is a major challenge that helps stop the worsening of regional imbalances. At the same time, because of political, economic and social issues, the appeal of territory is at the heart of the demands of the revolution. Because it ultimately enshrines the principle of positive discrimination. As countries continue to lose their charm, making cities more attractive and livable is a hot topic.

The territorial appeal reflects the territorial’s ability to maintain and / or attract businesses, investments, and labor, and is closely linked to its potential to provide residents with a satisfying quality of life. Promote regional economic dynamics and create opportunities for employment and social integration. .. How does it really contribute to the development of the region? Who can steer a territorial attraction strategy and how can it be enhanced? How to develop a region’s economic dynamics based on a region’s specific assets, taking into account sustainability, ecological and cultural aspects? To reflect on these issues, the international organization Cities Alliances has recently collaborated with the Decentralized Process Support Organization (Ipapd) on “the appeal of territory as a means of comprehensive and sustainable regional development.” The forum was held in Sustainability. ) And the Tunisia City Planners Association (ATU). The event will be characterized by the attendance of regional development experts, urban planners, local government and ministry representatives, discussing the challenges of territorial appeal and testifying to the experience of regional planning in the panel. did. Various interventions have been clearly demonstrated around the three main targets of territorial attraction: residents, businesses and tourism. Then the problem was to identify the factors and attributes that made the territory attractive and attracted citizens, investors, and / or tourists.

Losing is nationwide Attractive!

Yassine Turki, academic and expert at Cilg-VNG International, emphasized in this context that improvements in the concept of regional attractiveness and conditions of attractiveness are increasingly attracting investors and households. .. The center of concern. Experts also wondered about the ability to secure this appeal through appropriate means and means as the country continues to lose talent and skills. “Is there any way or means to secure this appeal, knowing that we have lost 35,000 engineers in recent years? If we can’t keep the country vibrant, we can’t attract investors. What happens to distant areas? “He said. He added that development disparities between regions are exacerbating, especially despite efforts in public investment in some inland regions.

Turkey stated that competition between territories is a concept taken with a grain of salt as long as it contributes to the alienation of the most competitive territories and contributes most to development. “The challenge is to find the right policies that can properly position the most competitive territories internationally, without forgetting the need for territorial equity, which is the basis of the new model.” He observed. He said that the decentralization reform process has been concrete so far, mainly because the commune has not invested in the development role and the architectural framework for decentralization has not yet been completed. He added that he has not achieved good development results.

Local actors can take Initiative

Asked by press Regarding the role that regional attraction can play in driving regional development, Mariem Weslati Amuhl, a regional marketing and regional development expert and founder of an attractive urban institution, said: The attraction of the territorial development strategy emphasized that it is a means and a place of action that should be downstream. For professionals, attractiveness strategies cannot be reduced to simple territorial communication. On the contrary, they must originate from a complete project with a quantified purpose that arises from the development strategy. Therefore, regional marketing needs to address quantified goals not only from an economic and social perspective, but also from a regional development and civil well-being perspective. “Today, the concept has evolved to take into account the thickness of the territory. Actors must be inspired by territorial projects to engage in it, generate wealth and achieve territorial well-being.” She specified. She further she adds, she adds, “The state continues to plan territorial development and economy, but the provinces need to bring in their own regional projects.”

Regarding the management of territorial attractiveness, Ameur has designated that local private stakeholders can lead and coordinate these marketing strategies, especially as public institutions, especially local governments, lack resources. Kef’s “Siccaveneria” project, originally a cultural project, has become a civilian approach aimed at developing tourism activities, which is a perfect example. “In 2022, municipalities will not have access to the privileges granted by local ordinances beyond the current situation. Things will be done by private actors who unite and structure themselves. And the public actor himself is grafted and involves these steps. This is also an example of Sfax International, which is a reaction to the lack of public investment, “she explained.

The charm of the territory It ’s a matter of happiness.

Walid Bel Haj Amor, general manager of the Comete Engineering group, emphasized that territorial attraction is a problem related to the well-being of the inhabitants and is broken down into specific factors that affect the lives of the citizens. Quality of life, mobility, employment, investment and other everyday life … IACE’s Vice President focused on the differences between the areas of resources and the areas of management. As a result, multiple regions can form the same area and therefore the same problem can occur. Therefore, spatial planning policies need to take this difference into account. It will be developed accordingly. Bel Haj Amor explains that the issue of regional attractiveness raises the issue of resources and their valuation, and aggressive discrimination is to provide equal quality of life in all regions of the country to attract investment. I affirmed that there was. In this sense, he pointed out the failure of regional planning policy. According to him, failure is due to a lack of tools, proper law, vision, and even an understanding of the consequences of the lack of attractiveness of cities in the macro economy. scale.

It should be noted that during the forum, experts also discussed territorial development planning tools and Urban Development Strategy (SDV). Municipal representatives, such as Gabes Municipal Architect Mohammed Sheriff Taha, testified about the experience that promoted the appeal of the region. City priorities. It should also be remembered that this forum is part of the second phase of the “Madinatouna” program, a project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by the “Cities Alliance”. The purpose is to support four municipalitiess, Béjà, Jendouba, Tataouine and Médenine will help implement the project and help implement local development plans, especially through capacity building programs.