[Fiche Draft] Kenny Pickett, All Risk Insurance

Kenny Pickett – Quarterback – 23 – Senior – Pittsburgh

Cut: 1 minute 92 seconds

weight : 98kg

Estimated draft position: Top 20

Statistics 2021: 42 touchdowns and 7 intercepts for 4319 yards, ground 233 yards and 5 TDs

NFL Comparison: Derek Carr (Raiders)

Strong point

  • Prepare immediately
  • Reliable

Kenny Pickett He is a four-season starter and has seen the game situation. Of course, if he has to go upstairs, he’s a quarterback who already knows how to manage the attack. With 52 games played at college level, he has time to complete the mechanic and requires little NFL tweaking. The strength of his arm is good and his throw is fast enough. It can be fired from your pocket or on the move and became very accurate in 2021. In the NFL, the ball needs to land in the right place. This is not only to prevent the receiver from catching the ball, but also to prevent the defender from reaching the ball. And it already knows how Kenny Pickett does, including when he starts moving.

“Kenny sees everything like slow motion. When the balls are engaged, he sees where everyone is and knows what to do. He studies videos and takes notes. Take and ask a question. That’s why he knows what to do when it’s gone. Pit tight end coach Tim Salem tells DK Pittsburgh Sports.

23-year-old Kenny Pickett grew up in 2021 and has extensive NCAA experience. He makes few bad decisions, but he can play big and he is also a strong leader in the locker room. Sure, at the NFL, his teammates aren’t a few years younger than him, but he’ll be the heyday of his life. But he seems to have the character of gathering everyone on his side.


  • Room for improvement
  • No elite
  • Sometimes keep the ball long
  • Small hand

Kenny Pickett is 24 years old as of the 2022 season and is important to the NFL franchise as he doesn’t provide much of a profile of this possibility if progress is possible throughout his career. If the main goal is to find a holder in this difficult position, you need to have a leader who can carry his team far into the playoffs. For this, quarterbacks often have to have at least one quality well above average: is it because of Kenny Pickett? A man with gloved hands is definitely a good player, but what’s exceptional about his game?

As mentioned in the next category, Kenny Pickett is not a double threat. But while he knows how to move in his pocket, he sometimes knows too much. He’s a quarterback, so he wants to play even when he has nothing to hold the ball for a long time. too much ? In the NFL, he needs to learn to play faster and get rid of the ball if needed: he may be amazed at the speed of the NFL defenders! In 2021, he was defeated 34 times and some of those bags belong to him. In the NFL, this isn’t forgiving and fans don’t want to paraphrase the South Park series. »»

Finally, not to mention this controversy that arose in the NFL Combine. His hands are too small to play in the NFL. In 2022, Kenny Pickett will be the quarterback with the smallest hand in the NFL. For reference, the measurement is made between the thumb and little finger. The NFL ball is a bit bigger than the college level, and to speed up and throw, you need to be able to: grip (There are good grips and grips). This did not prevent him from throwing nearly 12,000 yards over his four seasons as a starter. In particular, as explained in this podcast, the way you hold the ball has evolved significantly. A slightly larger but “small” hand was standard, so it didn’t prevent Joe Burrow from leading the team to the Super Bowl. But some clichés are tough, and some franchises will probably remove it from their shopping list.

Statistics: 1.8 yards per carry

In the NFL, where more and more needs to know how quarterbacks escape from their pockets, Kenny Pickett gives little guarantee in this area. If he records 20 career touchdowns on the ground, he will not be able to win a yard on the ground when a need arises. However, he has better athletic performance than his physique suggests. He is never a “double threat”, but he is not a statue either. The NFL Combine was tested as a third quarterback with a sprint, vertical jump, and long jump from a standing start. From an exercise point of view, it’s not that bad.

Possible destinations

Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers

The 2022 quarterback harvest hasn’t been the best in the last few years, but some attacks require pitchers. The future pitcher of the Falcons who must think after Matt Ryan (37 at the beginning of the 2022 season), or the current pitcher of the Panthers in need of a position. Kenny Pickett, the most important position in the sport, is coveted, perhaps until the franchise trades to move to several locations. The Steelers are no longer Ben Roethlisberger, and Kenny Pickett is familiar with this Heinz Field. Here he played 26 games (the Steelers share their home court with the NCAA-level Panthers). Russell Wilson’s orphan, the Seahawks, was able to attract him to Seattle’s side.