Everything you need to know about home insurance

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What is Home Insurance? What is it used for?

Home insurance covers your home, but it’s not the only one. Depending on the guarantee taken, it can also cover you, your family, and your property.

Specifically, in the event of loss such as fire, flood, theft, robbery, broken glass, electrical damage, bad weather, natural disasters, technical disasters, attacks, terrorist acts, home insurance will cover the damage. ..

It is important to note that all home insurance policies include civil liability insurance that can be used outside the home. For example, if you harm a third party (a dog injures a passerby or destroys valuables), a friend, a tree in your yard will fall to your neighbor).

Is home insurance required?

Yes, for tenants. This is also one of the first documents that the landlord asks you after signing a rental contract and asks you every year to make sure you have renewed your home insurance contract.

Since the application of the Arles Act of March 24, 2014, all residents have lived in furnished or unfurnished accommodation, alone, with their families, or with their roommates. Whether or not you are obliged to take out home insurance.

If you are the owner, two scenarios occur. First case: You are the owner of the condominium and then you are obliged to take out home insurance regardless of whether you occupy the property. Second case: You are the owner of a single-family home. In this case, only home insurance is not required, but it is highly recommended.

Please tell me about the types of home insurance.

Insurance companies usually offer two types of home insurance plans.

Basic formulas including compulsory civil liability guarantees and guarantees against floods, fires and explosions, natural and technical disasters.

And, as the name implies, a more complete formula called “Comprehensive Housing (MRH)” that covers all risks: floods, fires and explosions, natural and technical disasters, as well as theft and robbery, destruction. Acts, broken glass, climate events, acts of terrorism, riots, popular movements.

Some insurers also offer the possibility of enrolling in intermediate formulas and additional guarantees to personalize the contract. Therefore, you can add options for insuring your swimming pool, garden, or appliances.

A little tip from lesfurets: Pay attention to the deductions that apply when signing a home insurance policy. Remember that the deduction amount is the amount you have to pay no matter what.

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In conclusion?

Floods occur very quickly. In 2020, French insurance companies covered more than 4,000 per day. And unfortunately, not only robbery, but also climatic events (storms, hail, floods) are on the rise.

Home insurance cannot be ignored, especially as it is often mandatory. Therefore, make sure you have sufficient coverage. This is possible without breaking the bank thanks to lesfurets.com.