Electricity, internet, insurance … these start-ups help save subscriptions (for free)

Posted on February 24th. 2022 12:55Updated February 24th. 2022 01:13 PM

Electricity, gas, mobile plans, internet boxes, home insurance, streaming platforms, gyms … Subscriptions build up quickly, but they are not always the most competitive offer. However, you may prefer to postpone the termination of these services for fear of running out of time or embarking on tedious procedures. In the sense of spending money unnecessarily every month …

The start-up has decided to solve the problem by doing the paperwork on your behalf. Launched in Rennes in 2019, Cherpas aims to analyze energy and telecommunications subscriptions to find the best offer for your needs.

To do this, consumers upload invoices (eg electricity) to the company’s platform. The algorithm then analyzes its consumption and spending and compares it to the offers of competing suppliers.

For startup co-founder Bertrand Jermann, this service is “Real need”.. Usually about electricity: “The price per kilowatt hour is much harder for consumers to understand than the price of gasoline.”, He believes. He says the company’s offer will save consumers time when they no longer have to study the offer. “Dozens of suppliers with very different terms and conditions: peak / off-peak offers, regulated rates, fixed or index prices in the market …”

Housing, cars, borrower insurance …

Young Breton Shoot wants to offer the same insurance service within a year. It is in this segment that Barrio has developed his expertise. Born in 2019, the startup will be incubated by insurance giant Allianz to optimize energy, communications and insurance subscriptions.

In particular, it directs users to their homes, cars, motorcycles, borrowers, health insurance, and more. “These contracts are complicated to decipher, and each insurer has its own language. Analyze Bario’s co-founder Rodolfo Contreras. As a result, I was surprised when a disaster occurred and found that insurance did not cover this or that. »» To avoid disappointment, users specify their needs. For example, mutual insurance that successfully reimburses orthodontics, and automobile insurance that includes assistance in the event of a breakdown. By combining the algorithms and the expertise of their advisors, Balio promises to wipe out the most relevant offers.

Perform management steps

If you find an offer you want to join, these companies will handle everything from canceling your subscription to signing up for a new subscription. “Some operators have set up exit barriers to discourage subscribers from leaving, such as sending registered mail. Our goal is to free consumers of these tasks.Edouard Alexandre, co-founder of Idea, explains.

Created in 2019, this Parisian start-up located in energy, telecommunications and insurance guarantees that 75,000 users have already changed their subscriptions.

Long-term clock

Like Ideel, Nantes startup Origame allows you to centralize your subscriptions on the same platform, get a financial overview, and unsubscribe with a single click.

Another concern of these start-ups is long-term surveillance. When you enter your subscription on the platform, you will be notified if one of the operators announces a price increase or if you see an offer that is more interesting than the one you offered six months ago.

The user does not pay the cost. To get paid, these start-ups receive a commission from the operator when they bring in new clients. They argue that they are not the ones that bring them the most, but the ones that are most interesting to consumers. On the user side, using these companies does not affect the price of your subscription.

These start-ups plan to expand their services and continue to reduce their bills. Idea, for example, is growing in streaming, gym membership, entertainment, press and banking fees.