Electric scooter: compulsory insurance

Individual owners of electric scooters, Segways, or other electric personal transportation equipment (EDPM) must be guaranteed civil liability. Like owners of cars, motorcycles and scooters.

To ride an electric scooter, you need to have civil liability insurance. You need to have a specific contract with your insurance company.

Electric scooters and other vehicles covered by insurance

The Electric personal transport vehicle (EDPM), also known as the New Individual Electric Vehicle (NVEI): Electric Scooter, Gyroue, Segway (Segway), Hoverboard and Electric Skateboard … Need to be insured..

EPDM falls into the following categories Car land vehicleCars, motorcycles, etc. Liability insurance obligations (Insurance code article L211-1).

Civil liability guarantee makes it possible Cover the damage you do to others By riding an electric scooter (or other EDPM): you hurt pedestrians or cyclists and you damage your car …

use Electric scooter Or any other uninsured car or machine is a misdemeanor. Without insurance, you will be subject to fines (up to € 3,750) or suspension or cancellation of your driver’s license (highway code article L324-2).

Electric Assisted Bicycles and Electric Bicycles: What are your insurance obligations?

It all depends on the type of bike.Electric assisted bicycle Not EDPM. You have to pedal to move forward, but the electric motor isn’t enough to move forward. It is not considered a land vehicle and is not covered by insurance.

Electric bicycleCan travel over 25 km / h, so it is assimilated into a compulsory insured moped.

Electric scooter drivers must have certain liability insurance

surely Take a separate contract from your other insurance contracts to cover your civil liability It results from the use of electric land vehicles. You can contact your insurance company that already guarantees your home or car, or you can contact another insurance company.

Multi-risk home insurance does not cover your civil liability for damages caused by electric land vehiclesCars, scooters, motorcycles and electric scooters are all covered by insurance.

A Non-electric scooter It is not covered by compulsory insurance like land vehicles. Your civil liability is covered by your home insurance policy or civil liability insurance policy.Make sure you are not driving a scooter or other personal mobile device Excluded from warranty..

Electric scooter theft, damage, injury: additional warranty for take-out

It does not cover property damage (theft, damage, scooter damage in the event of an accident, etc.) or injuries incurred in the event of a fall or other accident. Damage compensation insuranceRequired.

To insure against these risks, you need to choose additional guarantees. This can be provided in a broader formula.

  • Collision damage, theft, fire, and other damage areas … (in all cases) Physical damage caused to the electric scooter),
  • Driver’s personal guarantee or personal accident guarantee ( Physical injury to the driver, whether or not it was the cause of the accident).

What is the risk of an uninsured electric scooter driver injuring a pedestrian?

in the case of Hitting pedestrians to injure or damage the vehicleWhile riding an electric scooter, and that you are not insured, you must fully indemnify the injured and be liable for property damage.

It was the Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGAO) that intervened to compensate the victims. Request a refund for these amounts In addition to the statutory interest rate and interest on collection costs, the payment of contributions to FGAO is added. This is up to 10% of the compensation paid by FGAO.

You are a victim of a car accident with an uninsured scooter driver.. You can claim compensation from the Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund by filling out an online compensation form that requires you to attach the requested supplementary documents.

What kind of insurance does a self-service electric scooter have?

Your civil liability in the event of damage to a third party (pedestrian, vehicle, etc.) before you leave with your rental scooter Rental company signs insurance contract.. You need easy access to this information from the home page of the rental company’s website.

Insurance may be an opportunity