Electric Bike Insurance: Obligations and Guarantees

Obligation of liability insurance for high-speed electric bicycles

Electric-assisted bicycles are not covered by insurance and are often subject to family civil liability just like regular bicycles, but not for high-speed electric-assisted bicycles. surely, Speed ​​bike, Driving at speeds above 25 km / h and even when the user stops pedaling is assimilated into a moped, so a driver’s license is held and all vehicles are subject to third party insurance.

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Specific moped contract

This agreement covers civil liability incurred in the event of injury to pedestrians, cyclists or other road users, or damage to the property of vehicles or third parties. However, this contract does not include Speed ​​bike, Warranty machine in the event of property damage in the event of a fall or collision, and in the event of theft (within the conditions specified in the contract, especially within the obligations of the anti-theft device) or fire.

The contract may also include a separate warranty for the driver in case of personal injury due to a fall or collision.

Lack of insurance is punished by a fine of € 135, which can reach up to € 3,750 (Highway Law article L.324-2). In the absence of insurance, and in the case of compensation for third party victims of physical injury by the FGAO (Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund), the latter opposes the uninsured responsible perpetrator and recovers the compensation paid. ..

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Extension and adaptation of civil liability guarantees

This solution may prove more economical if you do not need the VAE’s “damage” warranty or the driver’s individual warranty.

caveat : Civil liability for multi-risk home insurance may cover the use of electric vehicles such as children’s toys (motorcycles, tractors and other toys) whose speed should not exceed 6 km / h.

Therefore, if you have an electric bike that can travel up to 25 km / h, consult your insurance company to see if your contract includes the use of a power bike or to extend your warranty. Well covered for additional contributions.

Why buy electric bicycle insurance?

VAE insurance is not required, but is often useful if you have a new electric bike (RC is highly recommended, but often covered by multi-risk home insurance). This type of machine is often stolen.

Sure, do you own an electric bike, Speed ​​bike, It’s an investment that represents a fair amount of money. Therefore, if your bike is damaged or stolen in the event of an accident or fall, it is not a waste to insure your bike (be careful with anti-theft systems and in some cases forced engraving). please give me). Of course, an insured VAE in the event of property damage also benefits from a warranty in the event of a natural or technical disaster.

Which one guarantees your subscription?

As stated in the specific moped agreement provided to Speed ​​bikeYour electric bike can also benefit from a warranty that covers collisions and falls, as well as repairs and repairs after theft or fire. Some contracts also cover vandalism.

Be careful: Some market contracts only cover battery theft. However, be aware of the deductions and damage that apply depending on the age of the battery (remember to notify your insurance company if you want to replace the battery and keep your purchase invoice in a safe place. please give me). The older the VAE, the less money you will receive in the event of destruction or repair costs (these are limited to deductions for obsolete values).

Finally, most contracts include a repair / support warranty. Again, be careful to deduct the mileage (given the normal use of VAEs over short distances, assistance within a radius of 10-20 km seems sufficient).

For more completeness, let’s add that some contracts include a driver’s warranty.

Electric bicycle insurance costs

As mentioned earlier, insurance companies offer a variety of methods with near-full warranty to cover the damage suffered by the machine, but in some cases the damage suffered by the driver and in some cases the extension of the equipment. We also provide a warranty. Prices also depend on the upper limit placed on the VAE and the area used to take into account the particularly high risk of theft in urban areas.

This is why it is relatively difficult to indicate the price range because the formulas are so different. This is because some insurers overlap with the guarantees granted on cycles and other equipment insured under multi-risk housing contracts and add modest contributions. To what is stipulated in multi-risk home insurance.

Finally, some insurance companies apply regression rates in relation to the age of the bike, while others do not. The insurance comparator can help you for the first rate approach starting with the new insured value. Then it is up to you to compare the guarantees given to complete your study.