Education Insurance Mutual (MAE): 28 projects are imminent

“Now, who was the founder of this organization 60 years ago, there are strangely only 1,200 teachers of all members, as well as 6% of retirees! According to Managing Director Lassaâd Zarroug. It is enough to say that the insurance has been sold.

Mutuelle Insurance de l’enseignement (MAE) is an excellent financial institution that can attract affiliates, promote regional economic dynamics and create synergies on a nationwide scale.
This is clearly a result of the staff’s seriousness and ability. It is also the result of work that places particular emphasis on why continuous training is of particular importance.
In this context, Southern regional representatives representing members of Medinine, Tataouine, Gafsa and Sfax and branch managers of these regions attended Training Day in Sfax on Saturday, March 19th. It was chaired by General Manager Lassaâd Zarroug and attended by Amine Hamdi, Chair of the Board of Directors.
And, as we say, the more we want, the more content of the day is the new strategy recommended for the period 2022-2026, the new roadmap implemented during this period. Especially for those based on practice.
It was Amine Hamdi who welcomed the general public’s attendance before starting work and giving the institution’s secretary, Lassaâd Zarroug, a say.

Complete restructuring

After spending four and a half years as head of MAE, Lassaâd Zarroug admits that he found many shortcomings at several levels and struggled to manage the institution. But now that everything seems obvious to him, he is more efficient overall to achieve economic and financial goals on the one hand and social and human goals on the other. I would like to tackle the challenges that must be met with restructuring. And to the audience, he recalled: “MAE has 300,000 affiliates and offers 38 different insurance policies, of which 200,000 benefit from a single policy,” he adds. “Now, who was the founder of this organization 60 years ago, there are strangely only 1,200 teachers among its members, as well as 6% of retirees! This means that insurance is selling. To tell, therefore, the branch manager needs to leave the office and pick up the customer. The same is true for representatives who must use their knowledge and their relationships to bring us customers. That is. “
New dynamics are actually being felt, and 28 projects are imminent. A well-applied roadmap with a compelling spirit (good reception and good service delivery) ensures institutional impact based on innovation, reciprocity, expectations, vision, trust, change and agility. increase.
Nearly 60 assistants between the regional representative and the branch chief stayed on Mr. Rasad Zaroog’s lips, and those who spoke at the end of the session did not engrave to congratulate him and promise them. .. Implement advice and directives for the benefit of MAE.
This rally is the third rally after Greater Tunis, Capbon and the Northwest. Next, Sahel, Kairouan, Kasserine.