ECONOMY Occitanie: An attractive area for business


Example image (photo soprema)

The Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée region is one of the most fascinating regions in France. At Guard, several companies have recently been set up, including Soprema.

In 2021, the Ad’occ Agency’s Attractiveness Division made it possible to host 46 national and international investment projects. To this, we need to add 28 regional companies that have continued to grow in the region. These projects create or maintain 1,520 jobs in the region with an estimated total investment of € 192,668 million. These facilities are increasing most in the region (+ 50%). This dynamism embodies the Occitanie region’s desire to re-industrialize and strengthen its territory through the AD’OCC agency, thanks to recovery plans, the Occitanie economic zone, and housing in the international region.

Occitania remains a very attractive region in terms of French and foreign investment. In 2021, 46 projects landed in Occitania (compared to 42 in 2020): 25 projects were shared between two metropolitan cities (18 in Toulouse, 10 in Montpellier) and 18 others. The project is spread throughout the region. To the previous year (+ 50%). Of the 46 projects, 19 are from France and 27 are from abroad: North America (bottom), Asia (top), European Union (stable). Investment is concentrated in the aerospace and mobility (13 projects), digital (7 projects), logistics (5 projects), environment and energy (5 projects), and health (5 projects) sectors.

However, the pandemic-influenced aviation sector continues to be the sector that contributes most to job creation in the 2021 FDI report. The region is attractive in terms of research and innovation, as well as its ecosystem and financial support for the region. Despite the crisis, we are working to re-industrialize the territory and develop future sectors through the AD’OCC agency, which has detected 571 projects. 208 regional companies continued to develop in the region in 2021. This is a very clear increase compared to 2020, which counted 16. These new so-called “intrinsic” projects have created 320 jobs.

At Guard, Soprema moved to Neem, creating 100 jobs within three years. The French leader in waterproofing in the construction industry, the group will set up a production plant for foam insulation panels in Sanzil. Current changes in heat regulations that impose high energy efficiency (BBC) have led the Group to consider building new industrial units to serve markets in southern France, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula. Ad’occ has held several coordinating and financial engineering conferences. The location decision was officially made in March 2021.


Another example is OZE Marcel Boito’s Codolet and Chusclan’s Onet. Business parks in the region are aimed at addressing activities related to clean technology, nuclear power and the tertiary industry. This feature and its proximity to the Marcoule nuclear platform have attracted the attention of France’s leading nuclear dismantling company, ONET Technologies. In the short term, 35 people are planned for the site, and 8-10 people are planned to be hired over the next few years.