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The worst is not certain


“We now have the means to redefine our economy.”

Low interest rates open up room for ambitious policy. But for now, it’s primarily the rights of national populists to use it.


Eurozone: Will the Great Depression continue?

Growth in the euro area is stagnant due to inadequate investment, outdated industries, and stagnant domestic demand. And external uncertainty does not help the problem.

Brexit: The hardest part begins

Fisheries, finance, free trade, security … Negotiations on the most difficult issues for future relations between Britain and Europe are just beginning.

Inequality: French exception

France stands out in most countries, and the widening inequality is less pronounced than in other countries. However, the instruments that contribute to it are being abused today.

Unemployment insurance: budget reform above all

The measures adopted as part of UnĂ©dic’s reforms are primarily aimed at saving billions of dollars. At the expense of many negative effects.


Emmanuel Macron’s policy winners and losers

Despite the rebalancing initiated following the Yellow Vest movement, the policies pursued are largely very wealthy and continue to benefit not being the poorest.

Who will benefit from low interest rates?

Low interest rates have been accused of penalizing savings as well as banks and insurance companies. Excessive criticism ignores the positive effects of this policy on households, businesses and the state.


Can you awaken democracy by drawing a lot of pictures?

The lottery is reviving and could be one of the solutions to revitalize breathtaking democracy.

Will young people be sacrificed?

Today’s youth, who are exposed to instability and have a low standard of living, lead a more complex life than their elders. But not all are on the same ship.

Why are French schools still so unequal?

Every year since 2000, the OECD confirms that social origin has a decisive impact on student success in France. There are multiple causes.

Dependent allowance: Hell is paved in good faith

A better recovery of unpaid pensions by fathers can reduce public spending, but it does not always increase the income of single mothers. In some cases it can even lead to a decline.

Why the French medical system isn’t working

Between the medical desert, repeated moves in hospitals, resignations … the crisis in the health system is obvious, and current policies are exacerbating it.

Do you really need pension reform?

The desire to save on budget has obscured the readability of pension reform, but has yet shown potential for simplification. To better understand the terms of the discussion, go back to four important points.


Can you still control Gafa?

Digital giants abuse their dominant position, threaten personal freedom, and practice tax optimization. Regulatory tools exist. You still need to figure it out.

Is the Chinese economy on the verge of cracking?

Slow growth, financial uncertainty, aging population … China faces major economic and structural problems. However, power has room for maneuver to deal with it.

Why do people revolt?

The outbreak of riots set the planet on fire in 2019. However, they are very diverse and blame both rising prices and the regime in place.

We will finally be able to tax multinationals

New rules for taxing large corporations are currently being negotiated in the OECD. If the principle is recorded, it remains to be implemented. I will work hard.

Is the trade war threatening the growth of the world?

Trade tensions alone cannot explain the slowdown in global growth. Other political, economic and environmental factors are also involved.


Can it be done without carbon tax and without fossil fuels?

Regulatory approaches alone are not sufficient for successful ecosystem migration. A carbon tax is needed to guide the investment.

France is not well prepared for climate change

Faced with the effects of climate change, some regions and economic sectors are beginning to adapt, but we are still a long way off.

Is the cost of energy conversion too high?

The transition to an ambitious ecosystem has significant economic costs in the short term. But if you do nothing, it will be much higher in the medium term.

Is the Climate Conference useful?

The signatories of the Paris Agreement are currently unable to put into action their commitment to limit global warming to a maximum of two degrees. 2020 will be very important for the conference to be held in Glasgow next November.

What kind of green deal for Europe?

To address ecological challenges, the Commission has launched the European Green Deal. It moves from intention to action, and above all, remains to make it a true social project.