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what is that ?

As part of the national strategy for economic, budget and financial education, the Bank of France, the national operator of the strategy, is working with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to generalize budget and financial education. EDUCFI Passport ”, for Cycle 4 students.

Designed by the Bank of France and the National Ministry of Education and Youth Sports with the contributions of the Finance for All (IEFP) and the National Consumer Institute (INC), the system is categorized as follows:

  • Discovery phase led by one or more teachersFrom the slide show (Updated on O1 / 04/2022) It aims to raise awareness on the themes of savings, credit and fraud prevention by presenting concepts of budget management, bank account management and key payment methods. This slideshow of about 20 slides consists of two parts and can be viewed in one or two sessions. Teachers create their own slideshows with the help of tutorials provided by the Bank of France and local representatives.
  • questionnaire (Quiz) Student completes and EDUCFI passport delivery to confirm acquisition of a particular concept.

why ?

The EDUCFI Passport aims to educate Cycle 4 students about budget and financial education issues.
Quantified findings support the need for school-based budget and financial education for the general public. In recent years, a survey on the financial culture of the French people commissioned by the Bank of France has highlighted strong expectations for financial education. In 2021 [source : Enquête BDF – CSA 2021]1 person 42% of respondents believe they have credible information about their financial rights When 69% think their financial knowledge is average or low.. moreover, Eighty percent of respondents believe that budget and financial education should be provided at school..

What is the purpose of 2021/2022?

After the final experimental phase at the five academies (Créteil, Dijon, Limoges, Nancy-Metz, Rennes), the goal for the 2021-202 academic year is to generalize the EDUCFI passport and to all. Expanded to a minimum of 1,000 distributed classes. Academy.

When ?

EDUCFI passport campaign will be held From March 28, 2022 to May 27, 2022.. It symbolically begins shortly after the week of financial education, which will take place March 21-27, 2022.

Which teacher can participate?

According to the mobilized universities, the teachers involved in the experiments are often math and French teachers, but also technical, historical geography, physical chemistry, and modern language teachers. You may also be a SEGPA class principal or school teacher. EDUCFI does not require specific specialized skills : All teachers can certainly engage in this education. The tutorial is available to the education team. This makes it simple, flexible and adaptable with very little care and preparation required to hand over your passport.

Resources to support the implementation of EDUCFI passports