Economics, ecology, social … when Emmanuel Macron pecks at someone else’s program


He has already been accused of delving into the Republican (LR) economic program. Emmanuel Macron undoubtedly qualified for the second round and participated in the Insoumis project to capture the voice of the left in the second round of the presidential election. “Candidate Cuckoo” Law – Named after this parasite, well known in other people’s nests. A small anthology of the president’s proposal-a candidate freely inspired by his previous competitors.

Lapecres economy

Retired at age 65, RSA in exchange for compensation … Emmanuel Macron’s project, announced on March 17, features some proposals already made by Valérie Pécresse, whose official program was announced on March 14. .. Since December, it has already been known and distilled at the discretion of the applicant’s public meeting.

Indeed, in the RSA question, Valérie Pécrès was different in that she wanted to work 15 hours a week … when Emmanuel Macron wanted to impose 18-25 hours a week on beneficiaries. But the philosophy remains the same.

The proximity of this program was so obvious that it was annoying at the LR camp. plagiarism », « Counterfeit ” others ” Copy and Paste It was raining. Waste of time: Right-wing candidates fell below 5% on April 10 and were victims of a “useful vote” in favor of the head of state.

Ecology to please voters in Melenchon

In these two rounds, Emmanuel Macron pokes the land of literally and figuratively rebellious candidates in response to Jean-Luc Melenchon’s key score (22%). At a meeting held at Palais du Faro in Marseille on Saturday, April 16, the President-elect put his speech under the sign of ecology, saying, ” The next Prime Minister will be directly responsible for ecosystem planning »And be himself « Supported by two powerful ministers “Charge with” “Regional Ecological Plan” and “Energy Plan” “.


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A term similar to that used by rebellious leaders in his programbook published in November, Future togetherAdvocated the establishment of an “ecological planning council” and an “institution for relocation”, Identify the industrial sectors that are essential to national sovereignty and ecological divergence “.

Nicolas Sarkozy is also challenging the adventure of a “super ministry” dedicated to sustainable development, theorized by Nicolas Hulot, who at the time wanted to create a “deputy prime minister in charge of sustainable development.” I did. During the 2006 campaign, Sarkozy provided such a post to Hulot, who declined. Elected in Elysee in May 2007, he relied on Alain Juppé, Minister of State for Ecology, Development and Sustainability Planning.

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However, the defeat of former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac in the legislative election urged him to leave the government a month after taking office. Later, if Jean-Louis Borlou took over Morocco, he would inherit a broader portfolio, the Secretary of State for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea, and negotiate green technology and climate in 2010. Resigned as an executive. Marked the death of the project.

Formula stolen from Mélenchon, Mitterrand …, Poutou

During his only meeting before the first round at the La Defense Arena in Hauts-de-Seine, Emmanuel Macron stole the “quiet strength” and “unified France” formulas from Francois Mitterrand. He even covered the slogan of former NPA candidate Olivier Busansenott. Their life is worth more than all the benefits – It’s not the preference of his successor, Philip Putu, who split the murderous tweet in the wake of a rally of macronists.

In the room, the adviser did not hide the purpose of such recovery: ” Preparing for the second round! “. A reference to the rise of Jean-Luc Melenchon in the polls at the time when 16% of the polls were given. The results of April 10 finally convinced Macronie of its capture strategy.” During this same meeting in Marseille, Emmanuel Macron did not blush when proclaiming: Everyone needs to participate in this “common future” that we have to build “. Quoted by passing the name of the third male programmatic booklet in the presidential election.