Economic Recovery: Can We Believe in 30 New Glory?

Economist Nicholas Buzo announced the resumption of growth at a conference in Moe on October 7, 2021.
Economist Nicholas Buzo announced the resumption of growth at a conference in Moe on October 7, 2021. (© LaMarne)

The economist Nicholas Buzou Resumption of growth, During a meeting held in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) on October 7, 2021.

he Addressed this Optimistic message Approximately 60 business leaders invited by Cezam, the PaysdeMeaux Business Association.

The period before us can be generated Strong growthLike 30 glorious ones after 40 wars.

“Whatever you need”, less expensive than doing nothing

Nicolas Bouzou believes that the Covid crisis is well managed in France not only at the ethical and health level, but also at the economic level.

Bankruptcy in 2021 was less than in 2019. And there was more work in the market sector than it was before the crisis.

Nicholas BuzoEconomist and essayist.

The government’s “whatever you need” policy Tens of billions of euros.

“Every year, the Covid crisis cost as much as World War II,” says Nicholas Buzo.

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But do nothing [ne pas soutenir l’économie et les entreprises, Ndlr] It will cost about the same. The same debt was incurred due to unemployment and the company could not be protected.

Nicholas Buzo

In particular, France’s debt has increased from 100% to 120% of GDP, so the debt burden has barely increased (38 billion to 39 billion euros). Very low interest rates“Chance!”.

Is your business going well?

“Companies have the highest margin ratios today, a level not seen since 1949,” explains Nicolas Bouzou.

Nevertheless, he points out Strong inequality and risk situation Where large companies are located, especially Tourism sector..

“The big ones couldn’t access the solidarity fund, and cite Air France, or a cruise company, as an example.

The driving force of recovery

Why can you believe in a strong economic recovery?

  • According to Nicolas Bouzou Psychological factors It is a powerful engine. “Great trauma serves a purpose and brings out the instincts of life.”
  • Another growth factor, Third industrial revolution. “The crisis has accelerated the use of digital technology, robots and biotechnology.”

To get the most out of acceleration, you need a workforce.

At the end of World War II, demographics and increased employment of women supported growth. Today, we need to improve our productivity.

Nicholas Buzo

Wage increases, better training

But companies are having a hard time hiring! 1 million jobs are available In a country with nearly 3 million unemployed people.

Nicolas Bouzou suggests that “France’s wages are the lowest of all European countries, so think about social contracts.”

Indignation More attractive salaryHe suggestsIncrease working time In two ways: Extend your career to 44 years Before retirement, and Limit some aid to the unemployed.

also, Hope for training After a long pursuit, “a better link between corporate needs and people’s training needs” has never been achieved.

Who dares to do it?

Extensive programs that require Determined policy And he is willing to trust his business.

especially, Manufacturing process needs to be decarbonized at the same time.

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