Economic program between Eric Zemmour, Nicolas Sarkozy and Donald Trump

Significant tax cuts, economic patriotism, fighting social fraud, enthusiastic support for strong family policies, priorities for vehicles in transit … these are the main measures for Reconquista candidates.

Patriotism, liberalism, purchasing power. These are the three main axes of Eric Zemmour’s economic program. Presidential candidates who are asked more about social issues do not have a definitive economic program. However, the candidate guarantees that new proposals will enhance his program during the campaign, for example, the “Zero Charge Bonus” announced at the February 5th meeting.

In the “Economy” section of his program on his website, Eric Zemmour devotes several places to the proposal. Of the 16 pages of the program, the candidate spends 14 on graphs and tables, indicating the decline of France, according to him. Declining Human Development Index, lower GDP per capita compared to Germany, lower employment rate of foreigners, trade deficit …

However, controversies and writers who have not yet been attracted behind his candidacy as a major financial figure are advised on these questions by their personalities. First of all, former big boss Leuk Le Flock Prigent is a corporate asset in the elf case that claims to be his friend and former president of the employer network, Jean Baptiste Danette. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for misuse. Creator of Croissance Plus and Interbrand, a brand strategy consultancy.

Two advisors who share the same ambitions as the candidate: Reindustrialize France. This is the first part of the candidate’s program.

Proposals to the industry

According to INSEE, the weight of industry in France’s GDP increased from 16.5% in 2000 to 12.5% ​​in 2018. Therefore, Eric Zemmour wants to “make France a great industrial power.” Candidates want to establish a large Ministry of Industry, Energy and Trade to promote re-industrialization. Therefore, the right-wing candidate creates an industrial free zone by imagining an urban free zone and a local revitalization zone consisting of tax exemption (no production tax or corporate tax for 5 years) of an industrial company established in the target area. I want to ..

This type of measure already implemented by the previous government has so far not shown convincing results.

These devices “did not consider the diversity of the situation and lamented a group of economists at the 2020 forum. That is why it failed. In the available assessment, ZRR (Rural Revitalization) for employment The effect of (zone) is not detected. “

Eric Zemmour also wants to invest in French companies and create a large sovereign wealth fund supplied by Libre A to extend control of foreign investment in all sectors.

To regain France’s competitiveness, candidates will focus on their current tax policy by furthering tax cuts.

Therefore, he intends to reduce the production tax by 30 billion euros (current government reduces 10 billion euros) out of the total annual tax revenue of 70 billion euros. He will reduce the corporate tax rate for small businesses to 15% (this rate is already 15% for companies with profits of less than € 38,000). It also simplifies management procedures.

Funding by candidates by abolishing social interests for foreigners (20 billion euros according to controversialists) and by fighting social interest fraud estimated by controversialists at 40 billion euros Too many costly measures to procure.

Finally, Reconquête candidates want to privilege French products and oblige public order and morals to set consumer products with a “homeland score” that indicates the origin of France. Patriotic measures reminiscent of Donald Trump in the United States.

His tax proposal

After the company, Eric Zemmour also wants to reduce household taxes. First, reduce CSG at low wages of less than € 2000 per month (rate of 2.5% instead of 9%) so that you can earn more than € 100 per month.

Candidates are also looking to the side of Emmanuel Macron and Nicolas Sarkozy. From the beginning, I borrowed the idea of ​​the “Zero Charge Bonus” announced at the meeting on February 5th. This is a kind of super “Macron Bonus” that can be given to a specific person without the current limit of 1,000 euros. employee. Nothing else (within 3 months of net salary). From the second he takes up the idea of ​​”working harder to earn more” with a complete exemption from taxes and social costs for overtime. Measures implemented by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 and abolished by Francois Hollande in 2012, but resumed by Emmanuel Macron in 2018 within a net annual tax of € 5,000. Eric Zemmour wants to blow up this ceiling. Current devices can be more expensive in the Zemur version, as they cost about € 3.8 billion annually in finance.

Other tax cuts are planned, including full tax exemption for participation bonuses (candidates want to expand to companies with 11 or more employees), exclusion of homes from IFI calculations, and abolition of audiovisual license fees. (138 euros a year).

Proposal for his successor

Parents and grandparents are exempt from inheritance rights to children up to 200,000 euros (compared to the current 100,000 euros), and are exempt from gifts and inheritance taxes on the transfer of family business between generations.

According to the Institut Montaigne, if the public revenue is low, it is worth € 775 million, so the measures there will be expensive again.

His suggestions for housing

The Reconquista candidate does not have a housing-specific chapter program, but he submitted a suggestion on this issue in the media.

The first Eric Zemmour wants to stop the development of social housing by removing the SRU law, which imposes a 25% quota on urban social housing. However, it is a social rather than an economic tool for candidates.

“Because of this law, women wrapped in scum, kebab, drug kingpin, imam, and veil are abandoned in all the small suburban towns of the small suburbs where the French bought their property,” he said. Guaranteed Var Morning In January. Because when you bring in millions of foreigners, you have to contain them. With me, there is no SRU method anymore. “

Eric Zemmour also made another proposal for France 2 housing, exempting first-time buyers from notary fees and capping an operating amount of € 250,000 to benefit from it.

Its social proposal

Eric Zemmour supports a strong prenatal policy. If he is elected president, he intends to return to the universality of his family allowance, whose acquisition depends on the conditions of resources since Francois Hollande’s five-year term. He also wants to double the quotient limit of his family. This will allow us to pay less tax depending on the number of children, currently € 1570 per half share.

But above all, the candidate made the fight against social fraud his hobby. According to his calculations (need attention), that is equivalent to 50 billion euros a year. Candidates create brigades to combat fraud, impose systematic checks on beneficiaries, suspend repetitive fraudster assistance for five years, ensure that beneficiaries do not exceed the minimum wage, and have fingerprints Set up an important card for an annual physical examination for beneficiaries living abroad.

His pension proposal

By 2030, he will gradually retire at the age of 64. This is the candidate’s primary means of funding the current pay-as-you-go system. In addition, he wants to set up a bonus Mars system to encourage businesses to maintain employment for older people.

Finally, Eric Zemmour wants to put an end to the special regime by coordinating the public and private regimes. With all these measures, candidates expect to save € 20 billion annually.

His shipping proposal

Eric Zemmour focuses his entire program on the car. Popular measures for the Yellow Vest: reimburse companies for 50% of the fuel cost of working from home within the € 40 limit, remove licenses with points, restore the 90 km / h limit, lift the ban If you drive the town according to the type of car, limit the parking fee to 17 euros and extend the life of the technical inspection from 2 years to 3 years …

With these measures, Eric Zemmour will unravel most of the measures taken during Macron’s five-year term.

His suggestions for energy

The candidate makes nuclear power his hobby. The program announces the construction of 14 new reactors by 2050, extending the life of existing fleets to at least 60 years and reducing energy mix nuclear power generation to 50% by 2035. Delete the goal.

Finally, Eric Zemmour wants to work on wind turbines.

“Wind turbines are intermittent and require gas power plants to operate, which is a disaster for ecosystem migration. The December French 2 candidate guaranteed. Nuclear power is very good and Energy that does not contain carbon.

All current and future wind projects will be cancelled. Also, general support for wind and solar power is redirected to geothermal energy or individual heat pump appliances, replacing gas or oil-fired boilers.

His suggestions for agriculture

In terms of industry, right-wing candidates are developing a series of protective trade-oriented measures to protect French agriculture. Prohibits the import of agricultural products that do not comply with our quality standards, puts an end to the “excessive transfer” of European standards to French law, and puts an end to French negotiations on free trade agreements …

A program in this area that focuses on the left and even environmentalists. If he is elected, Eric Zemmour will support the short circuit by increasing the share of local products in catering and will work on mass distribution by ending the grouping of brands within large central purchasing institutions. I hope that.

Finally, to promote French production, he encouraged the installation of organic farmers (although no method was specified), increased quotas for young farmers, and simplified installation procedures and land purchases. By doing so, we want to promote vocational renewal.

Although less detailed, Eric Zemmour’s program in this area looks more like a declaration of intent than a real-life programmatic response.

Meanwhile, local governments are making concrete proposals such as providing a € 10,000 scholarship for births in local governments, a new commercial ban at city entrances, and hiring 1,000 doctors. Provide treatment at the local health center.