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The industrial sector’s share of GDP is stagnant at less than 6%. This percentage continues to be eroded by the ease of importing everything, including brooms and dental treatments. Containers are preferred over establishing factories for local production while creating jobs. Does this mean that we reached this situation because of the continued dismantling of the industrial sector? All sections of the large publicly traded company were sold at the iconic dinar, sometimes restoring the land base for another more profitable project and reducing the social burden. It would have been necessary to switch to another management mode based on the quality and talent standards introduced in the market economy. Today, the gemstones, which were the main fabrics in the industry, are nothing more than corpses, some of which are buried under real estate and indifferent concrete.

That’s why the president wants to take the leap to return the industry to its original place, regain its position based on existing technology and human resources, and become a driving force for economic recovery again wherever it seems appropriate. increase. He constantly reiterated his desire to give trust to local civil servants and voluntary operators in each section of the territory. “Crime against the national economy”.

He also called for the chief executives at both the central and decentralized levels, as well as the republican mediators to identify existing surfaces, but not to be abused, and to unblock the project. I decided to be. Representatives elected in a simple local election may have been dismissed. Parliament is involved through an economic committee that proposes to carry out fact-finding missions to investigate bureaucratic obstructions that are hostages by local operators who did not know in advance which door to knock. ..


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