“Economic growth in this region …

March 17, 2022

Pierre de Sorrell Economic Development

“Economic growth in the region depends on new citizens” – Luc-André Lussier

Posted by: Katy Desrosiers

Développementé conomique Pierre-De Saurel believes in the importance of attracting new citizens in addition to focusing on attracting new businesses. This bet will be rewarded not only for providing the workforce to the enterprise, but also for participating in the economic growth of the region.

Pierre de Sorrell and Erica Zoia, director of economic development, point out that the company’s main concern now revolves around labor shortages and supply shortages. The supply situation is recent, but the problem of labor shortage has been around for several years.

“Companies support it and create value only when they have employees who stay in the area. Economic growth in the area depends on new citizens. We often look at new investments and businesses. I think, but that’s the whole thing, “explains Développementé conomique Pierre-De Saurel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Luc-André Lussier.

If an organization simply attracts businesses without attracting talent, they establish themselves, post positions with competitive salaries, and employees seeking these positions are already established in the territory. Comes from. The goal is not to emphasize the problem.

The goal of this organization is to support the development of existing businesses and attract new investments, but also to collaborate with other organizations such as Chantier d’attraction delamain-d’oeuvre. The goal is to set common goals and identify the responsibilities and strengths of everyone to cover all angles of talent attraction.

Possible solutions are analyzed. Zoia mentions an immigrant approach that is abundant in Montreal but unfamiliar with the region. According to her, the area can benefit from this pool of workers.

Lucier argues that behind the new citizens’ charm is everything the city has to offer, such as services and housing. According to him, many post-attraction issues also need to be taken into account. If new citizens feel in the midst of themselves, they will want to stay longer.

Build a strong foundation

Economic Development Pierre de Sorrell was founded about a year ago. Currently, the focus is on building a solid foundation to better support your business.

According to Zoia, innovation is a word to remember for the next few years. “We will also strengthen the retention and expansion of the next generation. This is a big issue for our entrepreneurs. We want to be proactive,” she says.

The goal is not only to help companies raise funds, but also to help them, especially with research and information sharing on sub-suppliers, bid calls, etc.

The organization wants to be more on-site. “Entrepreneurs don’t have time to come to the office and chat. It’s up to us to meet them. Sometimes they also don’t understand what kind of help they can give them. […] The financial aid component is still important, but it no longer has the same advantage. I think our added value can really grow in the role of advisory and support in various aspects such as innovation, “Lussier said.