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On Wednesday, April 6th, the commune led a gathering of merchants, craftsmen and entrepreneurs to discuss the economic future of the village. The meeting includes Philippe Archet, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce (CMA) and his agent, Mrs. Montefado, and Rémi Branet, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce (CCI), and his Vice President Daniel Regard.

Obviously these people came to attend this first meeting, but also came to support this good approach to the commune.

The municipality of Estaing is at a turning point in the development and maintenance of clearly essential economic activity.

In this situation, retirement, apparently resumption of activity, Covid that disrupted people’s lives leading to behavioral changes, rising fuel prices need to be taken into account …

This is why the City Hall wanted to act to maintain a business that was still important to the size of the town.


City Hall speakers emphasized that the density of commercial fabrics benefits everyone, especially Estangois and Estangoa, as well as those living in neighboring villages and vacationers.

At this meeting, I remembered that the more shops there are, the more attractive the local government is to customers.

Roth of the Estanguette grocery store said:

“We need to play together. We are all linked by economic activity and the frequency of the village by consumers. We have to be positive and do it together.”

Municipalities want to pay more attention to the needs of professionals. What is the novelty of this village of Gers?

We will do everything in our power to help our experts stay in touch, value each other and find common projects.

The commune is also intended to bring professionals into contact with consulates equipped with tools to support and strengthen local trade and craftsmanship.

“We want to maintain existing activities and unite to protect and develop activities within our village. Have the voice of local government experts and continue to cooperate in the long term. It is very important to identify the interlocutors who can do it. »»

After an hour of discussion, in a good atmosphere, the consulate urged the establishment of a municipal expert association, an activity of all kinds.

“Is there an association of traders and professionals? »»

The answer was simple:

” no “

People familiar with the matter immediately gave the following advice:

“This is the basis. Merchants, craftsmen, farmers, you are all linked. Some work, some work, and vice versa. The association that brings you together is you. Allows you to organize yourself, get to know each other and recommend you.

You can also take advantage of your heritage and village identity. Don’t forget to include village groups. It’s your customers that save them. “

This highly constructive exchange has created true dynamics in a unified spirit.

Voluntarily, experts emphasized that the good financial health of the entire enterprise is beneficial to everyone. There is no logic of worsening competition.

Consular support associations for common communication subjects, setting up informative panels at village entrances on existing services and businesses, or for corporate communication, project financing, or organized events in collaboration with the local community are also discussed. I did.

The meeting always ended with an apéritif in a friendly atmosphere.