Economic development of Patrick Davet La Teste de Buch

Patrick Davet, Mayor of La Teste-de-Buch, was elected in June 2020. He is the successor to Jean-Jacques Eroles-Photo AL

Mayor La Teste-de-Buch has embarked on an important investment plan on the scale of his mission since June 2020, in preparation for future development along the coast. A project that contributes to attractiveness and at the same time rejuvenates issues related to real estate market tensions. maintenance.

As Mayor of La Test de Buch, how do you see the issue of economic development?
We need to prepare for the future, and as the mayor, what I no longer want is to get Testerin to pay for the investment. I already have tax cuts and I know the state will cut subsidies. I don’t want to raise taxes again, so I have to look for money elsewhere. I pursue it through the external economy. Of course, the first resort is due to the fact that we are also a tourist city because we are a city of water. We have a beach that is a considerable asset. It is developed for sightseeing in hotels, restaurants and bars and attracts outsiders to consume on weekends and holidays. Our field of activity is also the axis of development.

It is an economic world that allows us to keep young people and creates urban dynamism in 12 of the 12 months when tourism is seasonal and weather related. Arcachon continues to be a commercial showcase in the basin, not to mention Bordeaux and e-commerce. Therefore, we need to open our doors to other sectors, whether they are crafts or specialized trade, as well as cutting-edge sectors. I’m lucky to be here. I want to participate in the house and the city.

We are currently doing remorse to help those who want to start a business there. There is a little space left. For example, we continue to consider the 4 hectares of Parc des Expositions. Is it still useful to have a park, does it have to be that big, do people want to go back to a big salon tomorrow, more so at La Test, or we have a company Would you like to invite me? BA2E’s new headquarters, which specializes in innovation, is moving in the direction we want to go, but realizes that land needs to be available to keep the company alive after it’s been acquired. You need to keep it.

At the end of 2021, you presented your investment plan to the city council. What is the content?
In the area of ​​security, we plan to build a new police station. We are also investing in culture, spending € 8 million to turn a former nursery school destroyed by its predecessor into a music school. Via Cobas, we will rebuild Michelott’s school group for € 10 million. There is a very nice school and a sports hall where you can use testerin outside of class hours. It will also build a covered, unclosed hall in Cazo and renovate the Clavier Stadium for € 1.5 million. Roads are also an important theme, with a review of transportation plans in the city center starting in March and a redevelopment of Gambetta Square. That’s all the investments we’re launching, but there are others. Seafront is a project that will take 8 to 10 years to complete and we are aware of this and have already begun impact investigations. Next, we will work with AMO in relation to the environmental realizability of the project.

Overall, we have created a multi-year investment plan from 2022 to 2026 with an investment of over € 60 million. We also plan to invest € 93 million for the entire mission. So far, municipalities have shown investments that were only made at 49%. By 2021, it reached nearly 70% of the budgeted investment. Cities aren’t companies, they exist to adjust budgets, not to achieve results, and ultimately getting € 8 million or € 10 million in funding is a sign of good management. There is none. Required to carry out the announced investment.

For long-term projects like the beach, what are the key indicators of project success and job creation?
Of course, that would be the number of jobs created, but the first indicator is more human than economic, and Testerin wants to monopolize this place. The area is fascinating, but there is nothing today. If you want to stroll through the salt meadows, you’ll need to get back in your car to a coffee shop or eat ice cream at Arcachon or Morrow. The first factor is that Testerin can experience their city. And it will be a means of people coming to the harbor and consuming on the spot. I didn’t invent anything, others had an idea before me, but it’s a shame that I didn’t have this desire before, we wasted a lot of time ..

Economic development often leads to demographic development, but the real estate market is already particularly tense at LATTEST. How do you harmonize the two?
The purpose is not to develop the city demographically. Today we know that we cannot exceed more than 30,000 inhabitants. Today I need 1,200 accommodations on the premises. The priority is to make sure they are the ones who can have a new home. Then use means such as real estate leasing to promote social access to real estate. Today the will is there, but it wasn’t done before. 2,000 homes have been built in 12 years, but they have not met local demand. If we are in short supply today (because there are too few social housing units, the state opposed the city to a deprivation decision issued in 2020 to deprive the city of priority, editor’s note), I It’s good that we didn’t meet the locals.

How are you going to get out of this situation specifically?
Today, we must prioritize urbanization over waiting. One of the five major city planning projects planned at La Teste will be 100% social housing. These projects should be maintained and the product should be limited to € 5,500 per square meter. That would be the case as developers need it to make a living, but today we don’t have a single file containing less than 40% of social housing and all adopt a qualitative approach. doing. For example, in Cazo, you go to an individual house in the park area and want it for a couple who are working in the lastest area and can’t find accommodation today.

We know that some of the real estate tensions are related to the furnished seasonal rental market, but what does it mean that you need to stop this phenomenon?
Today I really don’t have anything, and after all, there are people who make a living from it. On the other hand, I have already significantly reduced the parcel division. Below 600 m², it will be rejected even if it is not allowed by the PLU. It’s not easy, but I’ll face it. It penalizes 10 people by pleasing those who want to sell 400 square meters of land. Then you may need to change the tax law, which is the responsibility of the legislator. We are the municipality of the basin that collects the most tourism taxes on Airbnb. It costs 1-2 euros per night, which is equivalent to more than 400,000 euros a year at LATTEST, which is a one-night stay. But it completely disrupts the rental market.