Economic agents are very concerned about Cantal companies

Rodez-based Durand Thermolaquage planned to shine in Cantal, but faced a shortage of industrial land. The company, which specializes in liquid paints for buildings, was founded in ZAC d’Esban at the gate of Aurillac. Acquired by three entrepreneurs in 2021, Uniplanèze manufactures traditional Auvergne cooked meals in fresh or vacuum-packed jars or trays, expanding the Sanflorain site this year.

Transports Lhéritr and Olano-Ladoux will set up a CNG station in Aurillac, the first in the department. Behind all these successes and many other achievements such as Biose site expansion, Autec investment support, Vedreine et Cie printing work, and even SAS Arcomie Kesbon, the division’s major since its inception in March 2018. There are many players. The Cantal branch of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises is driven by the single purpose of being completely devoted to the dynamics of the territory and the success of the industry.


“The NOTRe law modified the card. It put the sector out of the range of economic capacity. The region and its president Laurent Waukiez hoped to have 16 economic development players in a one-stop shop, Auvergne-Rhone. It was to integrate into the Alp Entrepris agency and have a real offensive power, “tests Division Councilors Valerie Semeteis and Senator Stefan, co-president of the Cantal branch, Soutarrell.

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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises sets relocation as a priority for the mission to initiate

Regional agencies have, of course, established themselves as a gateway to services for all entrepreneurs, more specifically the industrial sector and industry. The ambition to support them at all stages of growth, including training, investment, recruitment, development, innovation and exports, has been expressed.

Local-level agency toolboxes have all these skills. This makes it possible to provide Cantal with a much larger back office than can be provided at the department level.

This all-in-one entity continues to be a local economic player through 11 branches in the region.Cantal Office Project Manager Team.Photo Jeremy Fullerlinger

The Cantal branch and its three account managers (see below), as close as possible to the companies in the department, provide bespoke services. “The idea is to provide a short circuit, responsiveness to simplify the life of an entrepreneur. Business managers want a single contact, an answer that we are trying to organize. “Masu,” concludes the co-president.Valérie Semeteys and Stéphane Sautarel are co-chairs of the Cantal Chapter.

The team under the responsibility of Jean-Pierre Verbiguié plays a major role as a facilitator. It simplifies the lives of entrepreneurs by providing them with personalized advice. “They are Swiss Army knives for economic development, and when it’s more targeted, we can call an intervening expert,” says Stephen Sauterel.

Office, room -Regional agencies provide members with free facilities in Lyon and offices, meeting rooms and drawing rooms in Paris for entrepreneurs who want to accept suppliers and customers.

And there is nothing to escape from this antenna. “We are familiar with all systems in the region and are always on the lookout for, for example, recovery plans for future projects and calls to the industry that entrepreneurs may benefit from. The role of is also to connect business leaders who do not know each other. This is how Maciac’s CMF structure has established itself in the Biose and Europe Service markets, “said Jean-Pierre Verbiguié.

Ability, proximity, responsiveness, agility. These ingredients power the Cantal branch to strike for the sector’s economic development.
Pierre Raynaud

device -The Cantal branch offers several schemes: investment assistance, support for projects that establish or develop production facilities to participate in the transfer process of industrial activities, personnel, companies quickly find local business relationships. Networking to help with …