EasyVie won the top 2022 online life insurance twice

EasyVie re

(Easybourse.com) After deliberation by a jury of TOP 2022 experts in online life insurance, the EasyVie contract has won two awards. The best SRI contract category.

Created in 2018, the purpose of TOP de L’Assurance Vie en ligne is to reward the best life insurance policies sold online by insurance companies, online banks and brokers covered by the French insurance code.
The interface required the EasyBourse team to complete surveys in several areas, especially related to contract characteristics, performance (1, 3, 5, 5 years), cost, and diversification of support within the unit. Number of accounts available, aspects of socially responsible investment (especially the number of SRI, Greenfin, Finansol, and Relax labeled funds), online transactions allowed to clients, online help provided, efficiency of customer service. Such.

All the answers provided were analyzed by a jury, consisting of well-known figures in the insurance and financial world, characterized by complete independence. No member works directly on behalf of an insurance company, bank, or broker that sells life insurance policies.

In 2022, the jury was composed of economist Philippe Crevel, director of Circle de l’Epargne, and Isabelle Monin-Lafin, founding partner of Astrée Avocats. Jehan de Castet, Managing Director of FRIDAY France. Christoph Taldi, Executive Director of Morningstar France. Stéphane Baudin, President and Founder of IDAM.

Two days after the end of the online survey, the jury met in front of Olivier Brunet, Editor-in-Chief of the Web Division at ToutSurMesFinances.com, and Jean-Philippe Dubosc, Editor-in-Chief, to discuss their choices. Head of Content at ToutSurMesFinances.com.

Winners were selected by an absolute majority, with the exception of the grand jury award, which required unanimous jury.

At the ceremony held on May 11, Isabelle Monin-Lafin said “Best” during the presentation of Bronze TOP 2022.
Contracts of less than 8 years “, especially the proximity was highly appreciated
Easy Bourse with clients through a live webinar held in
Under those two management methods: Free management (monthly)
With Nicholas Musberger, Manager Analyst of Management
La Banque Postale Asset Management and
Discretionary management by Sebastian Racine, director (quarterly)
Discretionary management assistant, in charge of multi-management within
Louvre Private Bank (formerly BPE) or Portfolio Manager Adrien Roser
Multi-management in charge of SRI and non-financial analysis at the Louvre
Private bank (formerly BPE).

At the time of the Bronze TOP 2022 Awards in the “Best SRI Contracts” category, Jehan de Castet highlighted the interests shown in EasyActions Citoyen’s mandate and its non-financial reporting.


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