Easter holidays are a major financial challenge for cruise chocolate factories.


At Easter, chocolatiers compete with supermarkets. The Spring Festival after Christmas represents their highest sales, but according to Stéphane Marilier, a craftsman who manages macaroons and chocolates in Gueret’s Pop’A zone, “customers are more attracted to the Easter industry than Christmas. increase”. Therefore, chocolatiers need to develop a strategy.


François Fressinaud, a 1,000 Cabosses chocolate factory in Vallière, is found in several markets such as Guéret and Felletin. For him, “Easter’s usual change is the whole range of dolls. There are animal parables of farms raising chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats and eggs. So, decorate these types year by year. Change. You also have to consider that the market space is limited. »»

Young chocolate maker François Fressinaud opens the door to 1,000 Cabosses labs in Vallier (Cruise).

Stéphane Marilier expresses it as follows. “Easter is very traditional. The subject of appeal remains the classic chicken, egg and rabbit. But every year we renew ourselves without really knowing in advance what will please us. There is a trend, for example, fish mussels are almost all gone. This year I imagined eggs decorated with butterflies and chickens, and lots of magic bread figurines and cars. “

Balance, attract and maintain Easter chocolate shop novelty and tradition



You have to be careful about fashion. François Fressinaud believes that the difference between dark chocolate and milk chocolate is barely noticeable in terms of sales. But he thinks dark chocolate has a slight plus. He justifies: But for Gueret-based chocolate makers, “Easter customers are kids. Avoid bitter tastes and book for adults at Christmas. Current sales are three-quarters of milk chocolate.”

Macaroons and chocolates-100% craftsmanship on-site from A to Z

Customers have also been updated and both feel a return to the recent short circuit. “People have retreated significantly to the market because they are in captivity,” explained François Fressinaud. He is backed by Stephen Marilier. “The Covid effect was, above all, attracted to locals and craftsmen and was important to newcomers to certain customers.» »

“Adding color makes it brighter, but it takes longer,” says Stephen Marillier.


Therefore, retaining customers and ensuring continuity is a problem. Don’t scatter the experiment. Therefore, the two brands have developed their own pastes. 1.000 Cabosses specializes in fruit chocolate, from dried pineapples and dry blueberries to raisins and limes. Colors are in the limelight in macaroons and chocolates. In the mold, Stephen Marillier adds layers according to his inspiration. It starts with the exterior of white chocolate and ends with milk chocolate.

The coating is up to 65% cocoa chocolate. Couverture should not be too bitter.

To put myself

The strategy also includes location. Vallière’s chocolate maker is a regular on the market and his customers are accustomed to his presence. He recalls the immutable slogan, “I go to the Gueret market every Thursday, winter and summer.” Stéphane Marilier has been based in Bourganeuf since 1999, but chose the Pop’A commercial area of ​​Gueret because it was “no longer feasible”.

Charlotte Mathiot
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