Easier to create, sell and manage insurance products

In a world where new projects are born every day and speeding up without interruption, it is important to protect the people who embark on them. Seyna envisioned and developed an all-in-one SaaS platform to enable insurance brokers to launch fast and simple bespoke programs.

Start and move forward in a fast-paced world

That’s true, our world has never seen so many projects emerge. This entrepreneurial thirst is recognized in the four corners of the world to change things, create and achieve meaningful concepts. All of these projects, of course, need protection. Except today, traditional insurers lack responsiveness and slowness due to their technical heritage. So far, you need to know that creating and starting an insurance program represents three major issues.

  • It will take time. The tedious phase of the information system integration, reporting, or information sharing process can take up to 6 months.
  • it’s complicated. Digital is not at the heart of their DNA, and the program is still set up and managed primarily by email.
  • It lacks flexibility. After the contract is launched, it takes an average of 18 months to change the warranty of the contract and readjust it to meet the needs of the user.

Based on this observation, customer protection is very complex. Finding a more innovative, responsive, and resolutely customizable alternative seems essential. This is all that is allowed on the Seyna insurance platform.

Seyna: Easier to create, sell and manage insurance products Seina

Platform for bespoke and continuously adaptable insurance products

Therefore, the technical infrastructure of traditional insurance companies is struggling with brokers and retailers. The latter aims to maximize customer protection and faces outdated information systems that must manage a series of mergers and acquisitions. In fact, technology is becoming an obstacle, not a benefit. Seyna’s idea came from this observation. With the ambition to build better protection and provide it in the short term, Seyna tends to rely on the shoulders to power insurance, move forward, embark on and launch more gently. More specifically, InsurTech wants to allow brokers to:

  • Create the best offer on the market and
  • Providing customers with an outstanding customer experience,
  • Facilitates the management of their intermediary activities.

To do this, Seyna has developed a SaaS platform for insurance brokers. The latter has the potential to create tailor-made products that are transparent and continuously adaptable to market revenues. You also have the opportunity to build a personalized digital journey to buy insurance and manage your claims. Finally, the platform is also a way to automate and optimize all management tasks related to managing an insurance portfolio. An unmistakable time saver that enables brokers to leverage their core business, protection rather than reporting. Ultimately, policyholders can benefit from an additional level of solidity through product reinsurance. In just two years, Seyna launches a new product in three weeks and has a risk-bearing capacity of over € 2 billion. The company’s sales will increase six-fold in 2021 and its portfolio will be in the millions.

The future of insurance is already here

For Seina, the source of the war is her team. Serial entrepreneur, insurance physician, former member of ACPR (Insurance Regulatory Authority), technology or compliance expert, all members of the team are selected for their expertise and desire to inject new dynamics into the sector. As a technology company, Seyna aims to meet the same service standards as digital companies. In an era where time is at a premium, it is a priority to focus on the core business and benefit from relevant and easily distributeable insurance products. To date, more than 73 brokers have relied on Seyna to fulfill their insurance mission.

Far from being static, Seina continues to evolve, move forward, and embark in the same direction as our world. France’s InsurTech Series A record, proved by a recent € 33 million funding. A total dedicated to continue this rapid market transition. Not only will the company triple its workforce in 2022, but it will also extend the set of software features offered to brokers to include health and event insurance before hosting products from other risk carriers. intend to do something. The platform developed by Seyna is a visionary and enthusiastic advocate of flexible insurance for everyone, helping brokers better protect their clients and further develop their business.