Don’t ignore the meaningful economy that is the pillar of tomorrow’s economic growth

In 2018, the success of the book “Bullshit jobs” by David Graebe highlighted the fact that technology helps us find ways to get us to work more by creating jobs that don’t need it. According to a recent survey published by Randstad, one in five French people feel that they make up one of these. Random work, And almost half of the French believe that retraining, especially by creating their own business, is one of the key solutions for professional development. This observation leads to two questions: what is the method and purpose of finding meaning at work?

Those who find meaning in performing their day-to-day work or participate in a company’s global projects are inevitably economically efficient, whether or not they originated. It’s more efficient and complex, so it actually adds more value. The individual who initiates his account leads a project where his personal fulfillment is a natural part. It is he who is interested and guided by the selection of talented activities to set his goals, rhythms, environment and working conditions. So this is one of the solutions, but it’s not the only one.

The quest for meaning is one of today’s conditions Prerequisite It assesses the performance of workers and, in fact, represents the key challenges for a company’s success. Therefore, the latter must make significant cultural and economic changes to address these indispensable issues.

Strongly encouraged by the 2019 Agreement Act [2], Companies can no longer have financial performance as their sole purpose. They need to carry out honest and global reflection on their contributions to society, of which employee well-being is part of it. To regain trust with them and attract new generations, businesses need to change the direction of their strategies and find solutions to restore the meaning of their activities. To achieve this, they must, on the other hand, involve their employees in long-term projects and place a general interest mission in which they put themselves at the center of their concerns. .. [3].. On the other hand, thanks to the work methods currently under development (telework, coworking, intermediate management, etc.), we provide it to employees who want greater flexibility and autonomy.

Whether new entrepreneurs have lost their meaning in their careers or have begun to create businesses directly without wage employment, their activities and objectives are society. The success of their company depends on the work of their employees and the promotion of their well-being. They need to create working conditions that allow all employees to find meaning in their daily work.

We do not miss the economy of meaning. If this personal quest is unsuccessful within the enterprise, it is necessary to create conditions that allow the French to quietly develop and carry out a personal project or participate in similar projects.

Create an ecosystem that encourages the emergence of new professional projects

The opinion of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council announced in March 2021 is ” The Importance of Predicting and Supporting Occupational and Occupational Changes Often Experienced by Most Active Men and Women in Work Life “. This formula actually hides the fulfillment of everyone in life choices and the harmony between these choices and their professional career implications.

By supporting professional retraining, facilitating access to self-employed positions, and facilitating business creation procedures, we offer young people and those who want to change their careers a new life lease. We provide each French person with the opportunity to find meaning in their activities and actively participate in the economic growth of the region and country. Indeed, entrepreneurial projects are at the origin of a virtuous circle. They create innovative solutions to address ecological, social and environmental transition issues, especially by updating the employment sector and working practices. They restore meaning where they are gradually erased.

Beyond the support that needs to be strengthened by those embarking on the path of entrepreneurship, one solution could be to automatically assign SIRET numbers to all French, the majority of them. there is. In addition to creating vocations, this will give each young man the potential to avoid the difficulty of entering the labor market. By providing young people with the opportunity to be independent from an early age, they can find meaning in their professional activities and be confident in building their careers. Today’s youth know how to become tomorrow’s entrepreneur, so give them the means to achieve this.


[1] 2014, CEO of Imperative and author of the book “The Purpose Economy”
[2] Its purpose is to rethink the position of the company in society.
[3] By voting for reasons of existence and / or registering this mission in company legislation