Dog and cat health insurance boom


April 15, 2022 11:35 am

It’s now a veterinary classic: dog and cat insurance ads are invading when it comes to diet kibbles and anthelmintic payments. What is the principle? “Animal Health Mutual”, Summarizes Jean-François Rousselot, Veterinarian in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine) and President of the French Association of Pet Veterinarians. Average cost: € 10 per month for simple formulas (accidents) and up to € 100 for premium formulas (veterinary care, illness and even death).

The four-legged mutual insurer was born in the early 2000s with Groupama, one of the first comprehensive insurers to enter the niche, and then Lyonnais Santé Vet, the current leader of ECA. Recently, it has expanded with the emergence of start-ups offering 100% digital offers and will shake this booming sector.

10% of French dogs and cats are insured compared to 40% of British

Is it a gadget? “This choice makes sense from an economic point of view. I believe in Jean-François Rousselot. For 10 years, the treatment has become more sophisticated and has reached a considerable amount. »» With MRI, scanners, ultrasound, and increasingly specialized surgery, billing can quickly increase. Philip knows something about it. His 6-year-old dog, Cane Corso, named Louna, spent a small amount of money on him. “She suffered from cellulitis, a foot infection, which cost € 400 to treat. Marseille says. Later, the cruciate ligament of the hind leg broke, requiring the installation of a titanium plate or chrome. I forgot … “ Meanwhile, Philip remembers the bill well: € 1,800!


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According to an Ipsos survey conducted for Santé Vet in 2020, dog owners pay an average of 620 euros a year (222 euros for cats) in the event of a health problem. This is a fair amount. Routine care (excluding accidents and illnesses) or an average of € 211 per year for dogs (€ 166 for cats) should be added to this. However, the French are still mixed. 10% of tricolor dogs and cats are insured, compared to 40% of British and 80% of Swedes. “In our case, this sector has long been plagued by negative images because many formulas were expensive and inefficient. Admit Colombe Veterinarian. Today it is more transparent. Refunds are easier and faster. »»

Many insurance companies reject older animals

Any advice before subscribing? First, ask yourself the correct question. Is it a purebred animal (more fragile than other animals) and accessible from the outside (cats in apartments are less dangerous than stray cats)? If you decide, start from the first few months. “When animals get older, contracts are more expensive and care isn’t repaid very well.” Jean-Francois Rousselot says. Under the initial contract, many insurance companies reject animals that are too old (7-9 years old) when health concerns begin.Repayment limit (annual payment or legally limited?), Duration (do you want to insure young animals to the end without over-increasing monthly payments?), Repayment deadline, deductible ,etc

As with any insurance, it is advisable to read the contract carefully before signing. Some are complicated and sometimes filled with hidden exclusions, so a boring step: “We started because we found that traditional contracts were exactly too opaque. Raphaël Sadaka, co-founder of Dalma, one of the latest start-ups in the sector, was born in 2021. We focus on full transparency as to whether it is covered and the excellent responsiveness of the team to make a refund 48 hours after sending the invoice photo. »» Also, using the online veterinary advice platform, this new player is intended to play a troublemaker.

As Echo, leader Santé Vet emphasizes that experience. “After over 18 years of refunding to our customers, we fully understand our true care needs and we try to meet them as much as possible thanks to our offer» »». The war between animals is intensifying. This is good news for consumers as the offer needs to be improved. In the meantime, you can also opt for good old savings with a special account in case of a big blow. If Minoh is fine, he will be back. And that’s all we want from him.