Do I need to take out insurance while traveling?

Travel insurance

Travel insurance protects you from accidents and allows you to travel with peace of mind. Cancellation of travel, loss or theft of luggage, accidents or unexpected medical expenses … These can be taken out as “packages” (multi-risk) or a la carte.

What is Travel Insurance?

It is an insurance contract. The insurance company promises to provide the insured with a set of guarantees at a fixed price, allowing them to be insured before, during and after the trip. In the event of an unforeseen event, it can be used to minimize the financial impact, but support services are available in France and abroad as needed.

Is it really convenient?

Sure, have you ever heard of someone who missed a plane due to traffic, a family member who couldn’t find their luggage on arrival, or someone whose house was flooded during vacation? And have you ever wondered what would happen if you got sick in a foreign country? What would you do if you had an accident? It’s better to think about everything to avoid trouble during your vacation, without imagining the worst. There is travel insurance for that.

Depending on the formula you choose, your insurance policy may include many valuable guarantees in case something unexpected happens. Of these, health insurance is of particular interest. Health problems during vacation? Your insurance covers your health costs and accompanies you on your return:

  • Are you traveling within the European Union or the European Economic Area? Thanks to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you can be covered for medical expenses in accordance with the social laws in force in the country you are visiting. However, if you wish to have your balance refunded, you will need to contact your travel insurance.
  • Are you traveling abroad outside the European Union? Social security will only refund on the basis of equivalent care in France. Therefore, be careful when traveling to countries with high health costs or countries with different social health systems, such as the United States. In the United States, there is a risk that you will not be able to get help unless you show a credit card that indicates that you can pay for medical expenses and your health insurance card. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance that guarantees a refund of any medical expenses incurred and allows you to return them to your home country if necessary.

how much does it cost?

Travel insurance prices vary widely depending on the guarantees offered. The more guarantees included in the insurance, the higher the insurance.

However, it also depends on:

  • Travel time
  • Personal insurance or family insurance

Therefore, frequent travelers are often interested in purchasing annual insurance rather than per-travel insurance.

Insurance companies typically offer three main insurance plans:

  • Cancel
  • Multi-risk
  • Assistance and repatriation

All three are provided by the following equations:

The following is a table of average prices for the various insurance schemes.

method Travel price Annual rate
Cancel Individual Between 5 and 100 € 40-150 €
family 15-150 € 200-600 €
Repatriation Individual Between 5 and 100 € 40-150 €
family 15-200 € 150-600 €
Multi-risk Individual 10-150 € 100-500 €
family 50-500 € 200-1000 €