Do I need to combine insurance policies?

Health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, borrower insurance, school insurance, smartphone insurance … There are many products that insurance companies will take out when they enter an agency or consult on the Internet. Everyone has a strong claim to encourage the integration of insurance policies. It’s a price cut. Indeed, many insurers offer a rate of decline based on the number of contracts they have. Specifically, the benefit is that all contracts are reduced by 10% from the moment at least three individual contracts are signed with the same agency.

The second argument is also reflected in many policyholders who are a little lost between various contracts. Simplification and proximity. It is true that having a single contact for all your insurance related questions can be a plus. You are no longer a regular customer of advisors, but a premium customer. It’s easier to establish a relationship of trust. Indeed, but despite its advantages, grouping insurance policies still has some drawbacks, or at least points of caution.

Grouping insurance policies does not provide access to the expertise of each insurance company.

Some insurance companies specialize in car / motorcycle insurance, while others have very special performance in the area of ​​home insurance. Yet others have been able to develop interesting products in terms of tariffs and guarantees for health insurance or borrower insurance. In short, I realized that each insurer has its own expertise and no one can claim to be the most attractive of all these activities with a very clear reality.

By consolidating contracts, there is a risk of losing the strengths of each insurer. In other words, you cannot benefit from the highest price / guarantee ratios offered by different companies that specialize in a particular sector.If you can be very well protected by the professionals you provide Best motorcycle insurance policyUnless you request additional guarantees, your home is probably not that much, but it naturally raises prices and loses the benefits of grouping insurance policies.

Grouping insurance policies encourages you to choose a policy that is not well suited to your needs and profile.

By default, you may choose a contract to benefit from the incentives implied by insurance grouping. This allows access to particularly attractive prices. However, finding a health insurance policy that meets the needs of your family, for example, requires very special attention. Certain guarantees should be carefully selected depending on the health issues of the members of the family unit. In particular, optical costs and dental treatment are not covered by health insurance. Car insurance also needs to take into account the insured’s profile. For example, based on the data recorded on an electric vehicle Tesla brand wants to replace insurance companies Offering a more favorable insurance policy to the driver of their car, as they are considered to be drivers with a low risk of accidents. Proof that everyone has a discussion to propose to an insurance company.

Insurance contract consolidation may not be advantageous if there have been past claims

In some accidents at the counter, the penalty raises the price of car insurance, but it remains compulsory. in fact, Driving without insurance is a tragedy that ruins your life.. Therefore, in this case it is advisable to separate the insurance policy. Due to some registered car claims, the insurance company may not benefit you from the attractive rates of other contracts due to the risks associated with your profile. Increasing the number of collisions can cause flood damage by regularly breaking your smartphone or forgetting to turn off the faucet. In any case, these are the conclusions your adviser can draw. Therefore, it would be desirable here to separate car insurance from other contracts.

In general, grouping insurance will eventually make it impossible to compete. Still, it’s the best way to find a good guaranteed contract at the best price.

(Written by the agency hREF).