Diot-Siaci uses ShiftClaims Fraud Detection solution

At the end of January, the European leader in asset and personal insurance consulting and brokerage, Diot-Siaci Group, and Shift Technology, a French unicorn specializing in the development of IA-based data automation and optimization solutions for the insurance sector, announced. Did. Especially thanks to the AI ​​of the ShiftClaims Fraud Detection solution, they decided to combine their expertise to provide a better level of advice.

At insurance firms, competition is fierce and the Group is seeking partnerships to strengthen its national and international ambitions. Therefore, the Diot-Siaci group was born a few months before the merger of Siaci Saint Honoré and Diot. With nearly 5,000 employees in 40 countries, 2021 sales were close to 700 million euros. Insurance is an area of ​​frequent fraudulent attempts. Diot-Saci tries to improve this with the ShiftClaims Fraud Detection solution.

Shift technology

Created in Paris in 2014, Shift Technology has been part of Unicorn’s highly exclusive club since last year and has established itself as a key player in InsurTech. Using that technology, the company analyzed hundreds of millions of claims and won the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Award.Best Practices for Insurance Claim Management Solutions Designed for Insurance “.. Located in 25 countries, its clients include major insurance groups such as AXA, AG2R-La Mondiale and Macif.

French starters use artificial intelligence and advanced data science technology to detect and automate suspicious behavior during billing declarations, Software as a Service (SaaS), launched in January 2021. We have developed several solutions such as Shift Insurance Suite and Shift. Diot-Insists on fraud detection integrated by the Siaci group.

Shift Technology and Dio-Siaci

Diot-Siaci has integrated ShiftClaims Fraud Assurance. It is a powerful SaaS-based AI solution that is reported to identify individual billing fraud with twice the accuracy and 75% success rate. Shift Data Scientists use historical customer data to train algorithms and continually evolve in new scenarios. Very quickly, the Shift solution uncovered patterns of abuse and fraud that were previously difficult for teams to detect, putting customer needs at the center of the system. As part of this collaboration, Shift’s Chief Data Scientist, Arnaud Grapinet, said:

“The complexity of the fight against fraud analysis required working closely with the DIOT-SIACI team to train Shift’s detection algorithms for different use cases. Next, we worked on defining alerts. And improved the suspicious score to make the work easier.»»

Solutions that bring value to customers and management

Mathieu BREMOND, SIACI SAINT HONORE Insurance Compliance Risk and Data Privacy Manager:

“Integrating analytics and big data into controls brings value to our customers and benefits the entire value chain.
Because our insurance partners will eventually see the experience of contained losses.»»

Shift Claims Fraud Detection makes it easier and faster to process billing files and enhances the work of DIOT-SIACI operations management professionals. Matthew Bremond concludes:

“ShiftClaims Fraud Detection has clearly improved the perception and value creation of this service. It has even become a differentiating axis. From now on, control will be perceived as a business unit, not as a cost center.»»