Dependency insurance: towards a single rate guarantee to cover the loss of autonomy?

Finally, is it an affordable solution to cover the risk of loss of autonomy? During the presentation of the White Paper on Dependency to the press, on Tuesday, December 7, the French Insurance Federation (FFA) put the creation of a new “Dependency Guarantee” on the table. The tool includes an economic component that makes it possible to “pay a life pension of € 300-500 per month to all who are totally dependent,” said Jean Malhomme, chairman of the FFA’s Personal Insurance Commission. Says. This up to € 500 is roughly equivalent to the remaining amount paid (the amount that dependents have to pay after various aids have been deducted), averaging € 490 per month in a 2019 parliamentary report. It has been. Policyholders Therefore, those who switch to Isoresource Groups (Gir) 1 and 2 will be insured to cover all or part of these costs without a waiting period.

The first element, finance, is complemented by the second element related to prevention. Among the services offered are “health checkups through telephone interviews, accommodation diagnostics, caregiver support for administrative procedures, funding searches, and care organization,” Jean Malhomme said in detail. explained. So many services that policyholders can access as soon as they join, without having to wait to depend on them.

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Guarantee backed by responsible health policy

This new tool that insurers want is aimed at being integrated into responsible and complementary health contracts. Specifically, the French Insurance Federation is promoting support for long-term care insurance through these “responsible” contracts, which were sold after January 1, 2015 and currently account for 95% of the health insurance market. .. To be on the safe side, these envelopes comply with some statutory restrictions, especially non-payment of medical consultation overages and a zero charge balance of dental and optical costs (within the equipment limits every two years). Must be in a specific ceiling) and hearing. These contracts benefit from favorable taxation, and the additional solidarity tax (TSA) affecting all contributions is limited to 13.27% instead of 20.27% for irresponsible contracts.

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Jean Malom argues that increasing the tax incentives granted to these new responsible contracts is also part of the “conditions of success” for dependency guarantees. In order for the latter to be democratized thanks to its affordability and therefore to cover the maximum number, the FFA will ask public authorities to abolish the TSA for these contracts, or at least reduce the TSA from 13.27 to 6. 27%. According to the chairman of the FFA’s Personal Insurance Commission, the tax has been reduced to “reduce the personal costs of everyone.”

Single rate according to contributor’s age

But what exactly does such a guarantee cost to the insured? The FFA expects to limit the monthly premium to € 5.70 for dependents starting to contribute a € 300 monthly pension from the age of 22. To receive a life pension raised to € 500, the contribution will be € 9.50. Contributors who obtain a guarantee at the age of 62 will pay a premium of € 14.60-24.20. Therefore, this rate is unique regardless of the age at which the dependency is entered and changes only depending on the age at which the guarantee is applied.

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FFA-FNMF research

However, keep in mind that the amounts shown assume maximum risk pooling “guaranteed within a joint insurance pool that allows full transparency of risk management”. This shows the FFA white paper. “There is an urgent need to find a solution,” said Florence Lustman, president of FFA. According to the Federation, “Every year the implementation of this insurance solution is postponed, a temporary contribution increase of about 2% (until 2043) should be applied to the initial equilibrium rate (…) For example. The implementation in 2030 will require a premium of € 11.10 (instead of € 9.50), “the document states FFA. It’s not just the date of creation of this warranty. What about the tax (TSA) that applies to it? Will the contribution be funded by the employer at least 50%, as with current responsible contracts? Are certain insured persons, such as beneficiaries of complementary health insurance (CSS), exempt? According to Florence Lastman, so many questions that candidates for the 2022 presidential election can answer immediately, this proposal will be presented to them in the coming days.

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