Davos 2022: What are the challenges of this edition of the World Economic Forum?

the World Economic Forum Open at (WEF) Davos In Switzerland in many respects in a particular context. In its 50-year history, the WEF has never faced an unprecedented challenge like in 2022. The world is recovering from the global epidemic, struggling to contain the devastating effects of the climate crisis, and moving through the geopolitical storms that followed the Ukrainian invasion.

“”Davos is different, but not because of the lack of snow.Rather, due to the lack of global cooperation to solve these most pressing challenges.“At the pre-event briefing, WEF President Børge Brende said.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has completely changed the look and importance of the 2022 World Economic Forum. For example, the organizers have chosen not to invite Russian businesses or representatives due to the sanctions imposed on the Vladimirputin administration.

“”Mr Putin starts the war and he can end it“The continuing WEF president said.”In particular, by re-accepting what he has accepted in the past: Ukrainian territorial integrity“.

Russia’s absence from one of the world’s most important and exclusive gatherings left a striking gap filled unexpectedly.

The vacant Russian House, which had served as a base for the Russian delegation for many years, was taken over by the Ukrainian Foundation and said, “Russian war crime house“.

The venue, which was scheduled to host events and conferences with the Russian representative, will host an exhibition on war crimes allegedly committed by Russian troops in Ukraine this year.

The Ukrainian delegation will play an important role in programming this year’s event. President Volodymyr Zelensky also addressed all participants in a live speech on Monday at the opening of the forum. The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, is also expected to be directly in Davos.

The climate crisis is getting worse

The climate crisis remains one of the main discussion topics at the WEF, which is not expected to change in 2022.

Organizers are still subject to strong criticism. In fact, many participants arrive in Davos on private jets, damaging the ecological image that the event is trying to give itself.

Greenpeace and other environmental NGOs are also in Davos. This is where teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg protested weekly. “School strike “ With young people in the area in 2019.

Demonstrations that are still relevant today since activists organized anti-WEF demonstrations in the city of Zurich a few days before the 2022 Forum.

In the past year alone, the world has passed several milestones in terms of climate. It has been the hottest record for the past seven years, with extreme heat waves observed in the Mediterranean and Western America. Western Europe has also experienced the worst floods in its modern history.

Covid’s shadow still rests on Davos

So far, Europe has significantly put off the pandemic. Gradually, countries across the continent have released, relaxed or removed most, if not all, COVID-19 restrictions.

But in Davos, the coronavirus is still clearly visible. All participants, representatives and media are required to submit proof of vaccination, negative PCR before arrival, and a second on-site COVID-19 test. Those who do not have these documents will not be able to enter the safe boundaries.

After the virtual version of January 2021 and the face-to-face meeting in Singapore were canceled later that year, the event scheduled for early 2022 was postponed again due to the spread of the virus. Omicron variant.

This 2022 debate will undoubtedly focus on humanity’s readiness for tomorrow’s potential events, along with presentations on the fairness of access to vaccines and the best ways to monitor future pandemics.

The resilience of the global economy in the face of this situation will ultimately be one of the hottest topics in the Swiss Alps.