Cyclade portal for forgotten accounts

Caissedes dépôt set signatures (CDC) recovered approximately € 7 million from inactive bank accounts or forgotten life insurance policies in 2021. The Ciclade portal allows beneficiaries to recover these lost amounts.

Ciclade Portal for Forgotten Accounts / iStock-UlyssePixel

Ciclade Portal for Forgotten Accounts / iStock-UlyssePixel

Money from an inactive account has been transferred to the Caisse des Dépôts

Livret A, Life Insurance, Employee Savings Plans, Bank Accounts: You could be a beneficiary of the small (or big) savings waiting for you at the CDC. It is certainly this large public financial group that banks and insurance companies transfer money from accounts that have not been used for 3 years (for dead owners) or 10 years (for living owners). Money is returned to the state only after 30 years of inactivity, so there is 20 to 27 years to recover the hidden treasure. Each year, the institution holding the account or insurance must send a letter notifying that the account or contract is invalid. Therefore, it is possible to contact the facility to collect the funds before sending them to the Caisse des Dépôts. However, despite sending this letter, it happens regularly that no one appears. To be considered inactive, the account or insurance policy must meet certain numbers of conditions (surviving or dead owner, account type, etc.). If you think your forgotten funds are waiting for you, you can search online from the Cyclade portal, a free service established by the Caisse des Dépôts in 2016.

How does the Ciclade portal work?

Created state-led by the law of June 13, 2014 (known as the Eckert Act), this generally interesting service is to find so-called “suspended” accounts and amounts placed in contracts. Is the only service that enables you to be transferred to the CDC. Anyone can make a request as an owner, subscriber, beneficiary, or beneficiary as long as the account or contract is open in France or an overseas department. Visit the website and go to[検索を開始]Simply click the tab and enter the requested information (name, date, place of birth, and / or death of account holder or policyholder, address). You don’t need to have an account reference, but since July last year you can also make a request from this information. You can enter up to 10 bank references. Service response is immediate. If a match is found, the applicant will be asked to create a secure personal space to continue the process. He must bring new information and supporting documents (identification card, proof of death if the owner or subscriber dies, proof of potential inheritance, RIB, etc.). If the request is validated, the total will be paid to the applicant’s bank account within theoretical 90 days. This may be extended depending on service congestion. Between July 2016 and the end of 2021, Ciclade allowed the Caisse des Dépôts to return € 550.5 million, with an average of € 2,876 per beneficiary. Note: CDC is not allowed to receive values ​​or objects contained in safes. It is not the Cyclade Portal that informs the requester about how to recover, but the facility that holds the required security.