Crop insurance reform adopted by Congress

The crop insurance reform announced by the President of the Republic on September 10 resulted from an observation of the inefficiencies of the current system in compensation for farmers affected by climate disasters. While these dangers pose a real threat to farm life and thus the sustainability of our agricultural model, reforms were essential. This reform was designed by Parliament in recent months, thanks to the water work done during Valenne Aglycol and the adaptation to climate change by Deputy Frederick Descrozaille.

The bill adopted establishes universal health insurance for climate risks available to all farmers. To this end, it establishes a three-stage climate risk coverage system. Absorb low-intensity risks at the individual farm level, pool between medium-intensity risk areas and sectors, and provide premiums through publicly subsidized multi-risk weather insurance, so-called catastrophic risks. The nation against.

Therefore, this reform of the crop insurance system is based on the following four basic principles.

  • Greater solidarityThe country’s solidarity has increased and it is now possible to fund the system 600 million euros a year (compared to the current 300 million euros).
  • Universality, By covering the so-called “catastrophic” risks open to all farmers, regardless of sector.
  • Improved readabilityThe risks are clearly distributed among farmers, insurance companies and states.
  • Faster speed, Allows for accelerated compensation (current systems can pay compensation with a delay of up to 2 years).

This text, which lays the foundation for this new regime to cover climate risks in agriculture, will be published in the coming days. Consultation with all stakeholders will continue to prepare regulatory provisions and ordinances to define the practical modality for implementing the reforms. This new coverage scheme should be fully functional in 2023, the year the new CAP programming announced by the President of the Republic comes into force.

“With this bill, we are implementing systematic reforms of crop insurance to protect each farm. From 2023, all farmers are based on national solidarity to cover the most serious risks. You will have access to universal insurance. At the same time, easier access to private insurance provides protection against other risks. It is with the Federation of Agricultural Professionals, insurance companies and parliamentarians. It is a partnership effort that makes it possible to achieve this historic reform today., Bruno Le Mer, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, declared.

Press kits are available on the NARO website for more information on the reforms.

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