Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance: Free Comparison

The Young driver It’s not the best car insurance issue.Indeed, they are generally punished by additional fee.. Therefore, they pay more for their insurance than others.But how to subscribe Cheap insurance when you are a young driver ?? I will advise you through this guide.

Why do young drivers pay so much for car insurance?

Finding car insurance for a young driver is not always easy.In fact, they are considered “Risk” profile..Young drivers are seen by insurance companies as follows: Being inexperienced, you are more likely to have an accident or have an accident.

de facto, Insurance companies often impose premiums on them. However, the latter decreases every year and disappears without accident after two years. Here is a summary:

Fees applied without driving Fees associated with driving
Maximum subscription increase + 100% of initial cost (Insurance premium is double the insurance premium of confirmed driver) 50%
Maximum increase after 1 year without accident + 50% of initial cost (half of the contributions made to confirmed drivers will be added to you) twenty five%
Maximum increase after 2 years without accident 0% 0%

How can I reduce the amount of money I pay for car insurance as a young driver?

there are many trick To reduce the amount of money you pay for car insurance as a young driver:

Follow the accompanying driving

To follow Accompanying driving or “pre-training” It’s a good way to reduce your car insurance premiums. Young drivers who drive with driving will have less penalties. Additional premiums will be halved Compared to young drivers who have not received this training.

Choose a used car

The lower the value of the vehicle, the Guaranteeing it would be cheaper.. therefore, Secondhand car It’s a good solution for young drivers to lower their premiums. City cars are especially recommended as they are the cheapest on the market and are not very powerful. Because of the low risk of accidents, insurance companies insure at low prices.

Take out third party insurance

Me’Third-party insurance is the cheapest option on the market.Is included Civil liability guarantee, Compensate for physical and property damage caused to a third party in the event of a claim. Choosing third-party insurance will reduce your bill.

For better coverageIntermediate insuranceUsually includes: Glass breakage, theft, fire warranty It could be a good solution. Finally, there is full risk insurance that offers the best coverage. But for a young driver, especially if it’s a matter of insuring his first car, and the latter is cheap, its price can be exorbitant.

“Pay driving method” insurance

insurance “Pay how to drive” (“Pay while driving”) is intended to reward noble drivers. For careful young drivers, this formula can allow for less payment.

Insure yourself as a secondary driver

If possible, it may be advantageous to register as Secondary driver of parent’s car insuranceInstead of taking out insurance in your name as a secondary driver. This allows you to benefit from the warranty at a low cost. Also, if you take out insurance in your own name, the time you took out as a secondary driver will be taken into account.

Increase the deduction amount

The Franchise The amount you have to pay from your pocket if you have a complaint. The higher the amount, the lower the insurance price. However, be aware that billing can be expensive.

Compare young driver car insurance

By comparing the car insurance of young drivers, you can get an overview of the offers on the market in just minutes. By providing some information about your car and your profile, you can access the list of car insurance quotes. Then you can choose the one that suits you best, at the price that suits you.

Buy car insurance online

By taking out car insurance online, you can get very attractive promotional offers. A one-month subscription is offered and there are no administration fees. Discounts for the first year of your subscription. Look for offers on the internet and subscribe when you find great deals!

How Much Does a Young Driver’s Car Insurance Cost?

According to Assurland data, car insurance for 18-25 years old pays an average of € 1,021 per year *. This is 67% higher than the average for all drivers. Young drivers pay an average of 611 euros a year.

Year Average annual rate
18-25 € 1,021
26-35 648 €
36-45 518 €
46-55 476 €
56-65 425 €
66-75 400 €
76 years old and over 440 €

* Methodology: This survey is based on 413,000 car premiums created in 2020 for drivers over the age of 18 comparing insurance on

Top 10 Cheapest Brands to Insure

Car brand Annual insurance premium
Dacia 451 €
Mitsubishi 498 €
Suzuki 523 €
Honda 531 €
Toyota 531 €
Skoda 538 €
Kia 549 €
Citroen 551 €
Mazda 552 €
Hyundai 552 €

* Methodology: This survey is based on 413,000 car premiums created in 2020 for drivers over the age of 18 comparing insurance on

How is the price of car insurance determined?

the Car insurance prices It depends on several factors:

As I explained, the higher the value of a vehicle, the more expensive it is to insure. Choose a cheap car Therefore, you can get cheaper young driver car insurance.

The driver’s profile is also decisive: driving experience, place of residence, parking or driving habits (private use, travel to work, etc.).

The higher the risk to the insurance company, the higher the premium... So, for example, it is advisable to park your car in a closed garage or parking lot rather than on the street.

  • Driving history

Driving history is taken into account when purchasing automobile insurance.These data are yours Information reportYou can get it by phone, letter, or email from your insurance company. A driver with no history will pay less than a driver who has already made a negligence claim.

  • Deduction amount and compensation limit

Finally, the deduction amount is considered as well as the deduction amount. Compensation upper limit.. The coverage limit is the maximum amount that the insurance company can refund to you in the event of a claim. The lower the cap, the lower the insurance price.

What is the difference between insurance: young driver, young driver, novice driver?

Young licenses need to respect some rules. Reduce the speed limit and put A behind the car.. But don’t confuse a young license with a young driver when it comes to insurance. For insurance companies The concept of a young driver means that:

  • Those who have a driver’s license for less than 3 years.
  • People who have never taken out insurance, even if they have a license for several years.
  • Those who have not taken out insurance for more than 2 years.
  • A person whose driver’s license has been revoked.

Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance FAQ

  • What is the average premium for a young driver?

    In 2020, the combined total of all formulas for 18-25 year old car insurance was € 1,021.More than that The average for all ages was 611 euros.

  • In most cases, young drivers are advised to take out cheap third party insurance. If he wants better car insurance, he can get intermediate insurance.

  • Various insurance companies offer attractive car insurance premiums to young drivers. Direct Insurance, L’Olivier Insurance, Eurofil, Assu 2000, MAAF ..

  • To find out Cheap and reliable car insurance, You can look at the car insurance simulator. In minutes, you’ll be able to get rates from well-known insurance companies and choose the one that best fits your budget.

  • The cheapest car insurance is third party insurance. It’s also the one that doesn’t cover you the most.

  • Yes, Young drivers can drive almost everythingCars, regardless of the number of horses, as long as they are certified and insured.