CGT company management brings CSE to court

One page in the history of CGT has become less noticeable. The last paper issue of NVO appeared in December. The new LaVie Ouvrière Co., Ltd., the publisher of the Federal Press and wholly owned by the Montreuil factory, remains. We continue to edit the monthly “ensemble” distributed to all members and the Revue Pratique de Droit Social. It will also survive on the website (a project that failed in 2014) quarterly with the acronym NVO and will serve the structure of the CGT.

SA NVO employees said in the fall, “A threat to the sustainability of the press, [les] For the quality of the work and the edited work. ” The Socio-Economic Commission took advantage of its right to economic vigilance and voted for an expert assessment conducted by management in November.

Extended rights

If the company has less than 40 employees, her rights have been expanded by a company contract signed on November 26, 2019 at the behest of Macron. The CSE has the same rights that labor law gives to companies with at least 50 employees.

Will it be given immediately and regained soon? In any case, SA NVO’s management will obtain a cancellation of the request for expert reporting from the court. This is the subject of a hearing held at the Bobigny Court on Thursday.

Employer’s complaint

Every Segetist in the direction, its summons, begins with a discussion of non-compliance with the procedure and puts together a traditional discussion of the employer’s complaint. Management specifically attacks the fact that the CSE is motivated by the labor law provisions regarding rights to the expertise of companies with 50 or more employees rather than agreements. In another respect, management relies on the 2008 Court of Appeals’ decision that the SNCF Central Labor-Management Council, managed by CGT, found it wrong.

This line of reliance by SA NVO management is not only capitalist, but also has a very political dimension due to the connection between the company and the CGT. It’s systematic and SANVO leaders are members of the Federal Direction. After the retirement of Virginie Gensel-Imbrecht, the CGT of RATP Jacques Eliez, a member of the Board of Directors, was previously CEO by the Secretary.

Very political aspect

Therefore, the case is attached to the CGT’s federal office. In the January 3 “Decision Statement”, the close management of factories around Philippe Martinez[le] Supporting the actions of Jack Eries. “But he said, “Salute[e] “Work performed by NVO employees” and “emphasize the importance of promoting the recruitment of general managers”.

In a letter to the CGT Journalists Union dated January 6, he was informed of the bad weather that reigned over the company. [l’] CGT press companies are reassured about their future and the quality of their work, [avoir] Jack Eries asked […] Continue to seek a negotiated solution [notamment] About the right to financial vigilance. ” A detour asking the CEO to withdraw the subpoena. So far it has not been successful.

This is not the first time SA NVO management has attempted to block expert reporting at the request of staff authorities. This already happened in 2014. At that time, it was the Occupational Safety and Health Commission (CHSCT) of the press that determined the psychosocial risk expertise. He won.