“Cancellation insurance seems to be needed”

interview – Covid’s key cancellation guarantee specialist, Mimat, is a new player in travel insurance. Young 100% digital photography differentiates itself by emphasizing responsiveness and service, with 25 reimbursement reasons within 48 hours and is not deductible, co-founder Axel Calandre said.

LE FIGARO. -Why enter the travel insurance market?

Axel Carandre. ―――― Three topics emerged from our preliminary research. First, the opacity of travel insurance contracts. This does not guarantee that the policyholder will know exactly what is covered. Second, the complexity of the redemption process, which often takes the form of an obstacle course, and the numerous supplementary documents provided. Finally, tourism experts point out the lack of transparency in access to customers’ billing files, limiting their ability to respond to refund follow-up requests … and theirs. Caused dissatisfaction.

How do you position yourself?

We have invested heavily in technology platforms that enable the best customer experience. Travelers take out cancellation insurance directly during the booking process on the tour operator’s website. He will immediately receive an email summarizing the 25 reasons for the insured cancellation, along with a link to click to trigger the warranty in the event of a problem. You can also subscribe after booking. Everything is simple and clear. And no franchise. By contract, we will investigate the cancellation file within 24 hours and promise to refund within 48 hours. In most cases, one support document is sufficient and up to two. Our online service is available in several languages ​​(French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.) as well as telephone reception. I think it’s painful enough to have to cancel the trip. Our goal is to reduce the double pain of travelers by making this step as smooth as possible. Unfortunately there are good reasons to cancel, especially in 99% of cases: family, professionals, health …

Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, cancellation insurance coverage has risen, with an average of 45% to 60% of travelers choosing it, sometimes peaking at 80%.

Axel Calandre, co-founder of Mimat, a newcomer to the travel insurance market. mimate

Was it the right time to get started in the midst of the Covid-19 health crisis?

Embarking on travel cancellation insurance in the midst of a pandemic may seem dangerous given the surge in cancellations associated with Covid. And travel protection is a better time than we are thinking now. Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, cancellation insurance coverage has risen, with an average of 45% to 60% of travelers choosing it, sometimes peaking at 80%. The more they travel in time, the more they subscribe to it for peace of mind. With the pandemic, the use of this insurance has logically increased, but since it is done at the same rate, the economic balance remains constant. As a broker, we work with several trusted insurance companies to find the best deal for each situation: Mutuaide, Seyna or CMAM.

What are the benefits of cancellation insurance? Do you need more today?

Cancellation insurance has always been useful, but I think it’s overused because of the opacity and complexity. Over the last two years, it has regained the true renewed interest of the general public. Tourists cannot sell their trips today without providing cancellation insurance. Our 200 partners weren’t wrong. We are primarily committed to green tourism in France, especially using the Gîtes de France network, Camping.com platform, Voyage d’O, Vinotrip and numerous private campsites. At the beginning of the health crisis, many found themselves powerless without knowing the status of pending cancellation files, which could be unresponsive to customers and could take weeks to manage. With just a few clicks on the platform, you can now access all your customer files in real time. Becoming a dissatisfied customer because of insurance is what we are trying to avoid for our partners.

Cancellation insurance is equivalent to 5-6% of the travel price.

So will travel be more expensive because of insurance?

Since the first imprisonment, the French have canceled an average of two scheduled vacations. Indeed, cancellation insurance is equivalent to 5-6% of the price of a trip. But it makes it possible to sanctuary this unique moment of the holiday, which is even more important in the context in which we live. There is no risk of incurring the financial burden of cancellation on the family. This is the purpose of cancellation insurance.