Caen, the first economic center of western Normandy

What is the peculiarity of your territory?

The city of Khan (418,000 inhabitants) offers a diverse economic structure. The job market is plural, so we are looking for all the skills.

The urban area of ​​Caen-Normandy has 170,000 jobs and 37,000 businesses. Due to its size and dynamism, it is the first economic, industrial, employment and administrative center in western Normandy.

The diversity of its economic structure allows all skills to express themselves.
An additional benefit is the historical connection and connectivity between the university environment (33,000 students) and the vocational training, research center, and corporate environment. It is the origin of favorable collaboration between all these parties, the origin of the lasting quest for innovation, and simple technological performance (health, digital, microelectronics, aerospace, defense and security,). (Tourism, voyage) rather than industries that focus on future applications).

Khan Lamer is a young urban community …

Since January 1, 2017, the Caen la Mer Agglomeration Community has become the Urban Community. From 35 municipalities, the territory has expanded to 47 municipalities. Not only is it known for managing waste collection, sports facilities such as pools and ice rinks, but it is also active in other areas. During the transition to the urban community, certain powers previously delegated to local governments were transferred to Khan Lamer. This is the case, for example, for roads and green spaces, the economy (management of economic activity zones), and housing (housing). Assistance, housing improvement projects) or even tourism. Other powers such as development, city planning and public transport have also been extended, and the network from the Khan Lamer agglomeration has been extended to other areas integrated within the city community. The new municipality is currently operated by the Twisto public transport network.

And what is your community’s strategy?

Khan Lamer claims nationally as an attractive territory. It is the result of constant efforts aimed at supporting and strengthening the existence of dynamic companies, while at the same time maintaining the quality of life, which is the strength of the region. Many structured projects will soon see the light of day in Khan Lamer. An innovative work and living space, MoHo is under construction near Khan Station. Grande Halle, the third place dedicated to the social solidarity economy, is reinventing a new way of working on the plateau of Colombel. In the north, the EPOPEA supercampus has been developed, open to scientific and economic complexes, interdisciplinary and international communities, public research platforms, laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, etc.), It consists of a higher education center. Medical devices and businesses focused on digital, materials and health. Finally, mobility is one of the major development challenges of the urban community, with the arrival of new trams, especially at the beginning of the 2019 academic year, after all residents of Khan Lamer have completed 18 months of work. Is expected. ..


Priority is given to the economic development of the territory

Kahn provides businesses with a favorable economic environment. Celebrities in the local economy do more than resist the wind of globalization. Like Hameln, who became a European stationery giant, and Regale Bushar, an industrial hardware store that changed from a local market to a domestic market in 20 years. NXP Semiconductors and Renault Trucks, which have been rooted in Caen for 50 years, have also invested in Normandy bases and brought in many subcontractors.

Education, families and solidarity with vulnerable people are also at the heart of the city’s public policy. Much investment has made it possible to modernize equipment and build new school buildings.
Local government actions in support of early childhood carried out by the city’s CCAS allowed the facility to accept 1404 children in 2018.