Bring the economic potential of the French-speaking world to life!

Secretary-General La Francophony, Louise Mushikiwabo (center), Forum Dentrepris Francophony, In Ho Chi Minh City on March 22nd.

Photo: My Phuong / VNA / CVN

The event brought together representatives of more than 500 companies, including 100 entrepreneurs from more than 20 member countries of the Francophony International Organization (OIF).

Cooperation with South Megalopolis

From March 21st to 23rd in Ho Chi Minh City, MECA is especially agricultural, renewable energy, digital goods and services.

In the opening speech, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Vice-Chairman Duon Anh Duc gave his heartfelt gratitude and warm greetings.myself After the regulations related to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic were lifted, Vietnam opened its doors, so Musikiwabo, MECA representative, and Vietnam’s business community.

Event attendees, March 22nd in Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo: Guangzhou Chau / CVN

“We are really pleased to welcome you to Ho Chi Minh City. You are one of the first guests to come to our city since the country was reopened to foreign visitors.”Said Duong Anduk. He added that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit almost every sector of the economy, disrupting and destroying many value chains and threatening economies and food security around the world.

“In this context, the arrival of MECA with more than 80 companies heading to Vietnam to promote mutual trade is very important. French-speaking companies have established partnerships and interconnected new supply chains. This is a great opportunity to create a common flow of world trade. “Duc insisted.

In terms of cooperation, according to Duc, South Megalopolis is working to create favorable conditions for supporting and accelerating trade between cities and French-speaking companies. He reiterated this kind of mission to embody projects and collaboration in various areas, and OIF took over the role of innovator and pioneer, making more French-speaking companies and Ho Chi Minh-based companies. I hope to be closely tied. town.

According to Duc, the city will have 6-6.5% of GDP in 2022 by developing a digital economy, building smart cities and remembering to take advantage of free trade agreements to improve the investment climate. We aim to achieve growth. Strengthen trade cooperation with signatories, especially French-speaking countries.

An overview of the Francophone Business Forum held in Ho Chi Minh City on March 22nd.

Photo: My Phuong / VNA / CVN

Support economic recovery

On her side, OIF Secretary-General Louise Mushikiwabo also wanted to thank the Vietnamese authorities, especially the Ho Chi Minh City authorities, for welcoming French-speaking companies. Create fruitful exchanges with the local economic structure.

She also thanked the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (VCCI), which organized the visit program, and this forum she describes. “Very important” For Francophone’s life.According to her, these meetings are a logical continuation “Continuous relationship” With Vietnam, an active member of OIF for a long time.

Mmyself Musikiwabo wanted to start this mission in Vietnam. Vietnam offers foreign companies a wide range of business and investment opportunities in a variety of areas, especially for young people and women, who are likely to create wealth, value and employment and are a priority audience. La Francophone.

“For us, this forum is not just a conference, it is the beginning of an accelerated relationship between businessmen and women in this country, and French-speaking businessmen and women.”She continued. “The Francophone nations account for 14% of the world’s population, 16% of the world’s GDP, nearly 14% of the world’s mining and energy resource reserves, and 20% of the world’s commodity trade.” She summarized in the hope that participants in this forum will always be accompanied by an OIF to attend the upcoming second MECA in Central Africa.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Vice Chairman, Duong Ann Duk (2)When Left) and OIF Secretary-General Louise Mushikiwabo at the event on March 22nd.

Photo: Guangzhou Chau / CVN

Through this forum, MECA has approximately 100 entrepreneurs and international economic players from 25 members (76 from Africa, 18 from Europe, 5 from the Indian Ocean, 2 from North America, 1 from the Caribbean). Provides an opportunity to gather people). OIF states and governments, as well as more than 420 local businesses, are discussing business and investment projects in various sectors.

Through this mission, OIF will provide strong and concrete support for resilience and sustainability-required economic recovery, especially to the French-speaking world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.