Bourse Direct Horizon will receive the OSCAR of “BEST INTERNET LIFE IN SURANCE CONTRACT” again


Direct scholarship

Direct scholarship

Direct Horizon Fellowship receives again
L’“BEST” OSCAR Internet life insurance policy »»

New compensation for BourseDirect’s life insurance policy

Direct Horizon Scholarship win for 2èmyself Consecutive years Me’Oscar of “” Better Online life insurance policy And for Fourth Oscar in a rowAwarded by Gestion de Fortune, a benchmark magazine for Private Wealth Management.

Each year, life insurance Oscar judges and wealth management journalists, made up of world-renowned figures in insurance and personal wealth management, reward the best contracts on the market.

Life insurance contract Competitiveness


That contract Direct Horizon Scholarship A competitive deal in terms of pricing:

  • 0% commission About payment,

  • 0% admission fee And came out

  • 0 € Price For arbitration,

  • Annual management fee 0.75%1..

The contract has two management modes. management freedom Manage contracts independently, or management pilot Benefit from the management company’s expertise by outsourcing the management of savings to an insurance company.

Direct Horizon Scholarships Meet Your Needss Saver

Life insurance policy in the context of free management Direct Horizon Scholarship Have more
430 Supported by Account unit dAvailableNot guaranteed by capital Don’t forget to include stocks (raw securities), ETFs and real estate support in particular Socially Responsible person, Capital is not guaranteed..

“” Direct Horizon Stock Market Life Insurance Contracts Extensive support that enables everyone, depending on investment objectives and risk aversion,of To find Responding to his needs. LLife insurance is positioned as a long-term investment WhenWhat you can do is importantThanks to our service Accompany you through the projects of your life..»» Catherine Neither,president Direct stock exchange..

Investing in unit-linked support carries the risk of capital loss, as its value can fluctuate up and down, especially as the financial markets develop.The insurance company takes on the number of units in the account, not the number of units in the account.The r-value is not guaranteed.

at this point, First membership bonus

About any onetime Life insurance policy subscription Direct Horizon ScholarshipMembers are now Prime go UpFor 170 € Or of An intermediary of 500 € will be provided2, Under conditions..

With a Direct Horizon Scholarship, Direct stock exchange Provides a saver Life insurance policies that look like them And it adapts to the projects of their lives.

Bourse Direct contract since launch horizon Received the annual award :

2022 2021 2020 2019

About Bourse Direct:

FranceDirect, the leader in the French online stock market, integrates all online securities businesses, from stock market trading to back office and executive services.
Direct stock exchange Currently offering the most competitive prices on the market, stock market orders are less than € 1 and are combined with technology that allows investors to optimize portfolio management on the move.
BourseDirect shares (code: FR0000074254, BSD) covered by PEA and PEA-PME are listed in Euronext’s Compartment C.Find all the financial communications above

Direct Stock Market Press:

BOURSE DIRECT-Virginie de Vichet- + 33 (0) 1 85 65 55 40
Image 7-Claire Driges-+33 (0) 1 53 70 74 48

1 cost Shown for free management.. For management, the annual management cost for UnitLink products is 0.95%. All costs of the contract are detailed in the information notice, which is valid as a general condition of the BourseDirectHolizon contract. Available at

2 For the first subscription to the BourseDirectHorizon contracter Including April and April 30, 2022, initial payments were invested at least 50% in units of accounts that are not guaranteed by capital. Members can benefit from the welcome offer of their choice.

  • a Premium according to the initial payment amount (offer code: PRVIE22): 120 euros for initial payments of 3,000-10,000 euros, 170 euros for initial payments over 10,000 euros,

  • Where With a free brokerage fee of up to € 500 (offer code: CTVIE22) on his Bourse Direct account, he has an initial deposit of over € 3,000.

Bonus (offer code: PRVIE22) will be paid, Within three months of BourseDirect and GeneraliVie accepting membership, the contract is still valid on this date and complies with the terms of the date offer to the external bank account referenced during the membership process. Is a condition. Payment of insurance premiums.

Brokerage fee refund offer (offer code: CTVIE22) is not applicable Only for those who have a BourseDirect account (Securities account, PEA or PEA-PME) and a single BourseDirect account shown at the time of participation. 6 months from the end of the 30-day exemption period (for the Bourse Direct Horizon contract), Euronext Brokerage fees for orders less than € 100,000 executed on financial instruments listed in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels (Excluding UCITS, excluding financial contracts, excluding telephone supplements, excluding CRD deferred settlement fees, excluding SRD / ROR order reports, excluding taxes on financial transactions) Refunds up to € 500 within 2 months.

Offer valid for the first subscription of the BourseDirectHorizon contract. Subject to receipt of full membership file (All support documentation requested in the file must be attached) Until April 30 (Postmarked or digitally signed as proof), of the selected welcome offer (The offer code must be shown on Bourse Direct: PRVIE22 or CTVIE22) and approval of membership by Bourse Direct and General iVie. Offers (premium or brokerage fees) are reserved for the beneficiaries of the offer code provided for each of these offers. The first payment is part of the supplementary documentation required to participate in the Direct Horizon Stock Market Agreement.

If a member fully redeems or waives a life insurance policy within 12 months of actual membership, BourseDirect reserves the right to perform a recovery procedure corresponding to the welcome bonus.

Bourse Direct reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse to subscribe to the Bourse Direct Horizon Agreement and to refuse or permanently exclude anyone who does not comply with the terms of the offer from participating in this operation. Bourse Direct reserves the right to suspend or change the offer at any time by providing advance information on its website Offers cannot be combined with other current offers.

Bourse Direct Horizon is a group life insurance policy with individual and optional membership represented by a commitment that results in the composition of diversification clauses guaranteed by Euro and / or account units and / or Generali Insurers.A company governed by the VSOde Haveinsurance..

The Horizon Direct Exchange Contract Key Information document contains important information about this contract. This document is available from Bourse Direct or by visiting our website.

Bourse Direct, with a management committee and a board of corporate auditors, with capital € 13,814,097.. RCS Paris B 408 790 608. Headquarters: 374, rue Saint-Honoré-75001 Paris. The company has been approved as an investment service provider by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (“ACPR”- and the Financial Markets Authority (“AMF”-www.amf-France. Supervised by org). ) And the insurance broker are registered with ORIAS at number 08044344 ( Financial guarantee and professional liability insurance in accordance with the provisions of L.512-6 and L.512-7 of the Insurance Law. Complaints Department: Contact section of the website. Bourse Direct is not bound by an exclusive contract with an insurance company and has no capital relationship with the insurance company.

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