Boss of a large insurance group charged with rape of minors and trafficking

Jacques Boutier, 75, is regularly ranked in France’s largest property of 500 and has been sleeping in prison since this weekend. The CEO and founder of the Vilavi Insurance Brokerage Group (formerly Assu 2000, 1,800 employees) have specifically trafficked minors, raped minors over the age of 15, prostitution of minors, and minors. Have been accused of sexual assault on. 15 years old and possession of child pornography. Information confirmed by the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office.

At the origin of the incident revealed by RTL on Monday, May 23, a 22-year-old woman appeared to the police in mid-March, filed a complaint, and’work. Preliminary investigations commissioned by the Paris Judicial Police Minor Protection Brigade (BPM) would have proved that the first alleged facts date back to 2016.

Presented to Jack Bootier through a common acquaintance, this young foreign woman would have been housed in an apartment in the Paris area for several years at the expense of the CEO because she was a minor and lacking resources at the time. In return, she still had to stay at his disposal to provide him with paid sexual services, as she explained. She was only able to move relatively freely, so she was able to leave the apartment at certain times.

Compromising video

Recently, the petitioner appears to have been set aside by an addict who allegedly accused her. She now seems to be “old”. According to her explanation, Jack Bootier demanded that he introduce a much younger girl for a fee to work as his new sexual partner.

This is how a 14-year-old girl in a very unstable situation was housed in the same apartment in the Paris area. The petitioner would have managed to film Jack Bootier unknowingly on one of her visits while the CEO of the insurance broker was in bed in front of a young girl.

Informed of the existence of this dangerous video, Millionaire would have tried to get it back with the help of some of his relatives. He would have mobilized five people, including his wife, a former police officer who had turned to security forces, and two of his employees, and asked his plaintiffs to force him to leave France.

Like Jacques Bouthier, these five were charged on Saturday with “organized gang kidnappings and criminal plots to commit kidnapping crimes.” They were all detained.

Several young women identified by investigators

Judicial information and investigations conducted by the Underage Protection Brigade (BPM) are currently aimed at measuring the range of potential trafficking systems. The first advances in the study would have made it possible to identify several young women, minors, or young adults who had similar experiences in other apartments owned or rented by millions of people. ..

The Communications Department of the Vivali Group, who was contacted, claimed that the company was “not involved” in the matter. “We focused on the elements relayed by the press. They do not harm the company’s operational and commercial behavior around the right team,” she told us. ..

As for Jack Bootier’s lawyer, who is presumed to be innocent, she did not respond to our request.