Bill to “better protect victims” from insurance

Catherine Fabre, MP of Girond’s second member, is preparing to submit a bill aimed at mandating a collapse guarantee within an insurance policy. The bill drafted by a group of victims of the collapse is ruede La Rousselle.

130 people were evacuated, three were injured and one was seriously injured. Security work is still underway. Almost a year after the two buildings in ruede La Rousselle in Bordeaux collapsed, at a press conference on Thursday, May 12, Girond’s second member, Catherine Fabre, “effectively kills the victims of the building.” I elaborated on her bill, “Protecting.” It will collapse. It aims to mandate collapse compensation for multi-risk insurance policies such as fire and flood compensation.

Invalidity of law

After months of hearing with the Insurance Federation, the Ministry of Housing, and victim groups such as Paris’ Trevise and Aubagne streets, the adjutant concluded on this “legal gap.”

“Victims found themselves without the possibility of going home, receiving compensation or assistance to buy back enough for their daily lives. Insurance contracts could collapse. There is no possibility of repairing sexual or disintegrating damage. »»

And to emphasize the importance of such a law, especially for residents of “old and fragile districts”:

“I understand it’s a coincidence. The insurance company believes that the collapse may be due to a lack of maintenance on the part of the owner. We by law keep your building in place. We had to separate the fact that we did and the fact that it might be dangerous. If a well-maintained building collapses, the contract will default to the collapse clause. »»

Catherine Fabre discusses with one of the victims of Rue de La Rousselle (VB / Rue89 Bordeaux)

Catherine Fabre will also introduce a “health label awarded by an independent agency”. Every five years, maintenance and robustness assessments of buildings built before the 1970s should be performed. An obligatory “label” for owners and co-ownership associations.

The bill will be submitted “in the wake of the Diet so that the next elected representative will be picked up in June,” and of course Catherine Fabre hopes to be reappointed to defend it. ..

If the bill’s election opportunism disputed a month before the legislative election and Bordeaux MPs were candidates for re-election, she said, “I didn’t wait to participate in a campaign to tackle this subject.” I guarantee. At least «I’m having problems».

Case law

Thomas Drouffe, President of the Rousselle Victims and Victims Association, hopes the law will be “useful in the future.” The owner of the 32nd apartment, he was unable to return to the accommodation for a year.

“The law is not retroactive, so it does not apply in our case, but it has double benefits. Unfortunately, suffering from what we have experienced and avoiding the pitfalls we have in insurance. And for those who can. And if politicians are interested in our situation, insurance companies may come back to us. »»

Security work must be completed by the end of June. The collapse of the lower part of the parcel that occurred in early April delayed the resumption as originally planned for mid-May. This work, mandated by the City Hall, should allow for the reunification of residents on the even side of the street. Oddly enough, according to Thomas Drouffe, this is “uncertainty” and the repair and reconstruction stages have not yet been evaluated. A preliminary report must be submitted by June regarding the causes and responsibilities of the collapse.

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