Best Life Insurance Contract 2022: Le Revenu Selection Criteria

To help you make your choice, Le Revenu has awarded the Gold Trophy to the best life insurance policy each year since 1978. The list of winners for 2022 will be announced on Thursday, March 24th. In the meantime, this is our methodology.

Every January income Send insurers and distributors a detailed survey to complete their life insurance policy.

The editorial team then analyzes the surveys received, the general terms of the contract, and various additional documents (press kits, sales brochures, etc.) according to a grid of 20 criteria. A detailed review that has contributed to the reliability of our choices for over 40 years.

The 20 technical criteria that underpin the analysis of drafting are: income Designate the best life insurance policy in 2022.

1-Amount of managed savings

this is An indicator of the development and sustainability of an insurance company. Smaller establishments, on the other hand, have the advantage of greater management flexibility.

2- Number of subscribers.

It measures the success of contracts with the general public.

3- Contract age.

By including new funds and services, you can determine their regularity, resistance, and ability to evolve over time.

Four- Profit sharing (PPB) provisions:

Depending on the year Some insurers choose to distribute all of the fund’s profits to savers in euros, others make large reserves and others increase profits as needed. Immerse yourself in the reserve of the previous year. We support insurers who manage these reserves on a case-by-case basis, while supporting savers.

Five- Insurance company return reserve

It measures your ability to smooth performance over the next eight years. Over the years, some insurers have secured up to 6% of yield reserves.

6-Unrealized capital gains

When run on equity, real estate and fixed income fund shares, it can support the return of funds in the euro. Unrealized capital gains on directly held bonds can be used to determine an insurer’s resistance to rising interest rates.

7-Level of fairness society

Every year income Check the solvency ratio of the insurance company.

8– Fund composition in euro

She In many cases, it corresponds to the general assets of the insurance company and is carefully analyzed. We pay attention to the proportion and quality of government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks, real estate and investments in unlisted companies. This year, I was particularly interested in the existence of inflation-indexed bonds.

9-Euro Guarantee

Is it a net or total administrative fee? Is it partial (98%, 95%) or total (100%)?

10-Free access to funds in euros

Due to low interest rates, more and more insurers are restricting access to euro funds.

11- Account unit

Multi-vehicle contracts are analyzed within the scope of the fund linked to the unit, both in terms of quality and quantity. A good contract should ideally be funded by some management company. This is called “open architecture”.

12- Payment fee

You will be charged up to 5% again (even if it is often negotiable), but there will be a large penalty for fulfilling the contract and it may take a year or two to make a profit. Eliminate overly burdensome contracts unless the services provided are of high quality (free minimum death benefits, access to the finest wealth advice, etc.).

13- Annual management fee

These are the most expensive in the long run. It can exceed 1% per year, but is retained in both euro support and account units. Priority is given to contracts with low management costs.

14- Arbitration fee

MeThey are retained at each move in the construction of the contract. They are very disadvantageous to active investors. We recommend a non-charged contract or a contract that offers free payment at the first arbitration that took place that year.

15-Delegation or advice management fees

It may be easier to delegate financial management of a contract to an expert. However, advice should be charged at a reasonable price.

16-Floor Guarantee Price

Contracts that offer it at no additional cost will earn points at our choice.

17-Quality of information provided

It must be clear, accurate and transparent, including pre-contract information. Active distributors with customers (newsletters, newsletters, etc.) are also preferred.

18-Level of digitization Contract (subscription, payment, etc.).

More and more contracts are rewarded with gold trophies income There is a dematerialized subscription process that may be complete or at least go beyond some administrative operations.

19- Transaction processing speed

Our rankings support contracts that are highly responsive in the execution of current administrative tasks (payments, arbitrations, redemptions, etc.). We also take into account reader feedback on the speed of payment of death benefits.

20- Minimum subscription amount

Affordable contracts are prioritized. Some, especially large networks, require high admission tickets.