Best Dog or Cat Insurance: Why Choose It?

Best Dog or Cat Insurance: Why Choose It?

When it comes to cat and dog health insurance, there is a general distinction between the basic, intermediate, and high-end formula categories. These formulas evolve towards higher protection and higher cost in terms of contribution.

High-end insurance is the most covered method. Its cost often keeps pet owners away, but it offers an unparalleled level of protection and unmistakable benefits. Let’s take a look at this particularly interesting type of contract.

Dog and Cat Health Insurance: What are the various existing prescriptions?

When it comes to animal health insurance, each insurance company is free to provide the services, guarantees and fees of its choice. Nevertheless, we distinguish between the three main categories of formulas among most brands.

  • Basic formula : This economic formula has the least coverage. It protects animals only in case of illness or accident, and protects only up to 50% to 70%. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being cheaper for the owner, as it requires a monthly donation of € 5 to € 15.
  • Comfortable prescription : This intermediate formula is a good compromise as it covers more care with a reimbursement rate of 60% to 90%. Its price is generally reasonable with respect to the coverage offered, averaging around € 12-35 per month.
  • Premium formula : This high-end formula is the most protective. It is almost complete and covers most of the care that dogs and cats may need, with reimbursement rates ranging from 80% to 100%. On the other hand, the price is high because the monthly fee is 30 to 80 euros or more.

Owners who want to insure their dogs and cats can choose one of these prescription ranges. After that, he will most likely have to pay the corresponding contributions in installments or deductions on a monthly basis, but it can also be quarterly or yearly.

When the insured’s animal is cared for by a veterinarian, the owner pays the invoice to be paid, has the practitioner fill out a care sheet, and sends it to the insurance company along with the detailed invoice. Then, within a more or less long period of time, he will receive reimbursement due to him according to the reimbursement rate provided for the care covered by the withdrawn contract.

Other criteria may be added to the procedure. Indeed, the contract may force the owner to pay a deduction that is deducted from the initial treatment or from each reimbursement claim. This is the amount left at his expense. He may be subject to an annual reimbursement limit, beyond which the insurance company will not reimburse until the following year. Finally, more or less significant wait periods may apply. Meanwhile, the owner begins paying donations, but the animals are not yet covered.

Dog and Cat Health Insurance: What Does the Finest Prescription Cover?

If your dog or cat owner wants to be insured to protect their health, you can choose the finest prescription. This is the perfect solution for his little companion. Indeed, such insurance has many advantages.

The main ones are:

  • Animals benefit from extensive protection in terms of veterinary care, accident emergencies, care in case of chronic illness, preoperative and postoperative examinations, imaging tests, laboratory analysis, surgical procedures and hospitalization. ..
  • Preventive actions (vaccinations, medical examinations, anthelmintics, therapeutic feeding, castration, sterilization, etc.) are covered for a minimum of € 100 per year.
  • Cover guarantees generally do not evolve as the cat ages.
  • Veterinary fees are generally 90% to 100%.
  • The annual redemption limit is higher than other formulas, reaching at least 2,500 euros.
  • Deductions may be restricted or non-existent.
  • The wait period has been reduced or does not exist.
  • The application fee is cheap or does not exist.
  • Refunds are quick and usually take place within 24-48 hours of receiving your care sheet.
  • Services are typically permanently accessible on 7/7 and 24/24.

Some insurers have many other benefits for the insured’s animals and their owners.

How much is the premium dog or cat insurance premium?

It is difficult to accurately quantify the price of luxury insurance for dogs and cats. Indeed, the calculation of contributions to be paid depends on the species of protected animal, its breed, its age, its gender, and any desired option. Anyway, high-end formulas are significantly more expensive than basic or interim contracts.

Nevertheless, it is possible to give such a quality assurance price idea. For example, for a healthy cat, the basic finest prescription costs at least 30 euros, and for large dogs and large breeds up to 80 euros.

Indeed, the amount of contribution can make many pet owners hesitant. However, veterinary costs are set freely in France and are especially high as practitioners are subject to a number of additional costs they must cover. In addition, there are significant differences between regions, clinics and even veterinarians. However, animals suffering from accidents, serious illnesses, or in need of severe treatment require very expensive care and can quickly exceed € 1,000 to € 2,000. Considering the amount of contribution, the gain is much higher.

Best Dog or Cat Insurance: Why and How to Choose It?

Buy High End Dog and Cat Insurance: Why Is It The Right Choice?

The cost of high-end formulas leads many dog ​​and cat owners to choose an intermediate offer. It is certainly very understandable that the payment of such donations can slow down or hesitate some masters who are worried about the health of their little companions. However, as we have seen, the cost of contribution is clearly offset by the high prices that veterinary care can reach very quickly. As soon as they go beyond the classical framework of actions against healthy animals, the amount of the invoice can fly away very quickly.

In addition, the scope of care covered is much larger. Please note that the repayment rate set out in the health insurance policy applies only to the costs associated with the covered care, not the total amount of the invoice. However, the best formulas still cover the most benefits. In addition, it provides interesting coverage for products that are rarely covered or mocked by preventive care, expensive procedures, and other levels of protection.

Finally, by enrolling in such an insurance policy, the insured animal owner no longer hesitates to consult. Cats and dogs that are eligible for this type of benefit have proven to benefit from better care and better health. Therefore, their masters go to the vet more gently with slightly suspicious symptoms, knowing that he can benefit from better care. However, prompt care of animals and early diagnosis of illness makes it possible to set up appropriate treatment protocols at a very early stage. This immediate action can help cats and dogs in distress faster and generally provide lighter and cheaper treatment, but above all, increase their chances of recovery and survival.

How to Choose Luxury Dog or Cat Health Insurance?

The easiest way to find the formula that suits you is to use the online pet health insurance comparator. It’s a free, non-binding, fast and very powerful tool that allows you to receive some offers that meet your needs and the profile of your little companion in just a few seconds. All you have to do is compare the quotes to choose the formula that provides the best quality / price ratio. You will save a lot of time and money!

Of course, compare the offer with an equivalent warranty. Don’t hesitate to consider factors such as fees, services, eligible treatments, refund rates, deductions, annual refund limits, waiting periods, exclusions, age requirements, animals and more. Finally, play the competition relying on quotes from other companies and get a few more euros or some benefits in your target formula!