Belgium’s Economic Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Sama Lukonde for a “win-win” partnership

Prime Minister Jean-Michel Samalconde sought a frank, honest and mutually beneficial partnership between Belgian and Congolese economic operators with the aim of promoting economic growth and common well-being. He said it at the beginning of Belgium’s economic and commercial mission work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These works were presented by him at the Pullman Hotel in Kinshasa on Monday, March 21st.

In his speech, the Head of Government emphasized the importance of this mission to create business opportunities for the Congolese state and private entrepreneurs to strengthen public-private partnerships while supporting them. We would like to cooperate for the purpose of improving the business environment of DRC.

The economic mission of Belgian businessmen is actually within the framework of the Belgian Economic and Commercial Week at the DRC, organized by the Belgian Embassy and the economic and commercial advisors of the Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia regions. Located in Kinshasa.

“We will not neglect to make hasty conclusions about the impact of this great intercontinental forum, because Belgium, the country with which we have long-standing secular relationships, subscribes at the end of this summit. Through a strong team of 90 Belgian companies of all trends, the Congolese President and private entrepreneurs have strengthened public-private partnerships on the one hand and our country on the other. We will work together to improve the business environment, “said Samalconde.

He believes that the interest of these conferences stems from the discussions of the various panels already enrolled in the program, both by the quality of the speakers and the interactions that result from the interactions between the partners invited to this forum. I am.

Potential of DRC

The Head of Government of the Congo praised the region, mining resources, forest masses, biodiversity, and the potential for solar power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“The Democratic Republic of the Congo has returned to the programs of the Bretton Woods Organization, especially the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Foreign investment, especially as the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to be open to the world through numerous political and diplomatic contacts. Your investment is accessible and open, “added Samalconde.

Effective improvement of the business environment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Prime Minister recalled all legal weapons that were reformed and enforced, including customs law, investment law, mining law, hydrocarbon law, forest law, agriculture law, labor law, commercial law, and even the exchange rate system. This, among other things, has enabled the DRC to re-enter the trade preferences offered by US Law on Growth and Economic Opportunities in Africa (AGOA).

The economic delegation will arrive in Kinshasa shortly after the recent recent meeting in Brussels on February 17 and 18 of the 6th European Union-African Union Summit, where the Prime Minister represented the President of the Republic.

The Minister of the Brussels Metropolitan Area, the Secretary of State for the Brussels Metropolitan Area and Foreign Trade, the Minister of National Economy of Congo, and more than 90 Belgian companies of all trends are participating in these work held in Kinshasa.