Banks and insurance “proven quota method” (Financi’Elles)

LA TRIBUNE- 10 years after the founding of Financi’Elles, what is your rating?

SYLVAINE LAGUILLAUMIE LANDON-Thanks to the CopĂ©-Zimmerman law, we have achieved board equivalence, but we thought it would illuminate all levels of the company and the governing body of the company. In fact, that’s not the case.

VALERIE VITTER MOURADIAN- Unfortunately, parity is not effective for many reasons. We were able to routinely identify talents that are not always expected, embrace different career paths, and observe that it is not always easy to take coercive action. … the law voted by Rixain last December includes a new framework, so senior management and members of the governing body of companies with more than 1,000 employees (30% of women in 2027) As mentioned above, we are planning to set a representative frame of 40%) in 2030. Once again, force the company to exceed the level of goodwill.

So you always have to go through the law, the quota, otherwise it won’t work?

SL- Laws, quotas, communication … The Gender Equality Index set by Muriel Penico has also helped improve things. But, indeed, we must be aware that this method proves itself, in principle, even if there is no assignment. I’m sorry. Logic needs to be obvious to all layers of the entire organization, but it’s not …

Did Covid’s pandemic change the game?

SL- There was a realization that work and personal life needed to be expressed more clearly … Moreover, even though this equation was particularly relevant to women, the psychological burden on women in captivity was high. The issue of better considering the life path of employees has been posed to the enterprise …

VV- This crisis gave the subject additional legitimacy. It has been shown that it is no longer possible to ignore issues such as the organization of private life, motherhood, and paternity in a company. Even if we need to keep in mind that each of these types of crises poses a risk to women. The risk of turning back, the risk of losing what you have learned … In many cases, it is easier to adopt a more masculine model. Specifically, progress is rarely stable. Therefore, we must be vigilant.

What are your priorities now? ..

VV- Financi’Elles has gathered 15 companies … even if there are majors, some major groups in the sector have not joined us … for the next few years we will be respected by our members Established a charter that promised to do, CEO signed this charter. In our commitment, we need to bridge the unreasonable wage gap to act with the younger generation on gender issues (promoting a culture of diversity and equality between women and men in the company, and its customer and supplier ecosystem). Gender can be mentioned to ensure a balanced representation of women and men in the company during occupational diversity, speeches, seminars and more. Our aim is to reject these points and shape them in our daily lives.

SL- For example, ten years ago, the concept of a “gender” profession probably didn’t exist as much as it does today … in any case, we didn’t have this keen awareness. With today’s digital technology, women need to establish their position … we also need to adapt to the very high expectations of a new generation. Young people are very obsessed with the issue of meaning, and finding meaning at work involves respecting gender equality. Their sensitivity to these subjects is also a light of hope.

Why did you participate?

VL- I wanted to do everyday actions. In my job, this means paying special attention when hiring. For example, forcing female candidates who aren’t always thinking, forcing them to identify professionals who aren’t always male …

SL- The company is no longer able to address these issues as it was ten years ago. The social environment creates this awareness of diversity. We need to reflect our customers. It currently constitutes corporate social responsibility and should be at the heart of the company’s strategy. The road to equality is slow and unfortunately given the economic, social and international circumstances, we cannot guarantee that we will reach our goals within 10 years.