Bad news hidden from some retirees, how to increase your life insurance returns … an economic flash of the day

Number for the day: + 26%. This is an increase in the average price of new homes in the parcel over a five-year period. This price rose 13% in 2021 alone for homes with four or more rooms. Prices for new homes continue to rise mercilessly due to land shortages and reduced building permit issuance. And manufacturers warn that this trend is unlikely to reverse. Prices in 2022 could still rise by more than 10%, affected by soaring material prices, soaring energy prices and the additional costs associated with the new environmental regulation RE2020. The French Building Federation is calling for urgent measures to support the purchasing power of households.

Abuse of the day You can push by retiring an executive. The reason is a bit technical to understand. Prior to the merger of Agirc and Arrco in 2019, a supplementary pension plan for executives in the private sector, who earned more than € 13,000 a month, contributed to the so-called Tranche C. If you decide to liquidate your pension before the age of 67, you’ve earned less points thanks to these contributions. Since the merger of Agirc and Arrco, Tranche C for this contribution has disappeared, but the rules for reduction remain. Therefore, some employees who earn high incomes and retire before the age of 67 without knowing it may think that they are applying a kind of penalties (decisive) to their pensions.

Practical information capital It’s about life insurance holders. Most of these savers have invested heavily in euro funds in the past. However, due to solid bond rates and rising inflation, they are now losing money by choosing life insurance guaranteed capital support security. However, many solutions allow you to turn your contract into a profitable product without risking everything. Listed or unlisted financial markets, or real estate, can be very profitable if you can make the right choices over time. Therefore, Neophyte Savers require expert expertise and can activate controlled management at a fraction of the cost. At stake are potential double-digit returns against an average of 1% for euro funds.

And this Thursday night ends with a muscular phone call between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin. In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the head of state called the Russian president in an attempt to calm the situation. According to a statement sent by the Kremlin, the interaction between the two leaders would have been “serious and candid.” Elysee’s residents would also have “requested an immediate stop” of Russian attacks on Ukrainian territory. According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin would have been “given a detailed explanation of the reasons and circumstances of the decision to carry out a special military operation” in the meantime. Emmanuel Macron reminded the Russian President that heavy sanctions will be imposed on the country.

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