BabySafe solutions cover birth accidents

Child disability
The warranty is valid when the insured becomes a parent or grandparent.

BabySafe Solutions is launching group coverage for birth shortages for the benefit of company employees and announcing the capital entry of a pool of investors, including Karista.

BabySafe Solutions startups have decided to make two announcements, once on Monday, November 8th. Lyon start-ups have announced a € 500,000 investor entry into capital, including Karista, which specializes in “early stage” investments in the fields of digital, technology and health. This opportunity gave start-ups the opportunity to begin defect warranty at birth in the group insurance market. BabySafe Solutions is intended for families affected by the birth of one or more children with functional, physical or physiological disabilities and guarantees when a company employee becomes a parent or grandparent. Offers.

La Mutuelle Miltis has a real social impact on the company and has established itself as a risk bearer for this Provident product with a group of reinsurance companies consisting of Hannover Reinsurance, Covea Coopérations and Toa Re Europe. I am. “” With this funding and the support of undiluted banks from bfifrance and La Caissed’Epargne Rhône Alpes, BabySafe Solutions has gained key contributors to accelerate development and fulfill its main mission.Birth accident “Baby Safe Solutions said in a press release.

Birth deficiency guarantees can be enrolled through independent contracts as part of this, but can also be integrated into existing collective insurance. Lyon-based start-ups manage all legal and commercial documents and information systems, including pricing systems, reporting and financial flow management tools, and contracts to facilitate their distribution. Tools.

Tailor-made service

The cover page provides a dedicated advisor to help the family determine the needs of the child and his intimate circle in order to be properly directed to the medical professional and professional. Pension products are adapted to each case and also offer an expandable compensation package. It fluctuates from € 30,000 to € 120,000 over the first five years.

“” After more than a year of work, we are very happy with the presentation today.
GDN We are born “” Risk of not being insured. And she is! In the future, all employees may benefit from this social and insurance innovation. All companies can provide this additional social protection to their employees (or cofinance with them) for a few euros a year. This is one of the worst tests life can impose on us. And for years, this social innovation has become the norm, and ultimately all 40,000 parents affected each year by the birth of a dysfunctional child will benefit from immediate and unconditional support. I strongly hope that I will be able to receive it. Denis de Valmont, Medical Director and Co-founder of BabySafe Solutions, concludes.