Aviation, digital, events … Toulouse looks at its economic future at the extreme


This is the culmination of a year of work, especially following the 2020 work of the Independent Committee on the Economic Future of Toulouse, led by Marion Gillow and Jean Tirole. Locally elected officials, employers and workers’ unions, and various representative economic stakeholders have set the economic roadmap for the Toulouse Metropole.Ambition 2026, an innovative and sustainable economy“.”It was a very participatory work“I confess Dominique Foret, Mayor of Saint-Tran-de-Orens and the first Vice President of Metropolis in charge of economic development.

After Covid-19: “Toulouse can recover from this crisis” (Marion Gillow and Jean Tirole)

In fact, this new economic strategy should provide a form of resilience to the local economy in the event of a new major crisis, such as a health crisis, and includes seven ambitions applicable through 23 actions. I am. The biggest change it actually makes is “Leverage our strengths“, Justify Dominique Foret.

Techno Campus and Digital Fortress in the heart of Toulouse

The first of them remains and will continue to be the aviation industry. To this end, Toulouse Metropole is working with the Occitanie Regional Council to open a “Techno Campus” by the end of 2024, specializing in green hydrogen for mobility and, first of all, low-carbon aircraft of the future. increase.To do so This future facility, which constitutes the Francazar campus in the town of Cunault, south of Toulouse, is an on-site military base and an Edice-managed airport associated with an industrial building rented to an innovative start-up. It will be added to the zone. Aircraft maintenance player. If the local council provides most of the budget (Euro 35 million), Metropolis will make the land available after purchasing 38 hectares of the sector from the state.

Aura Aéro will fly a high-demand future electric plane with Safran


“This techno campus will accelerate research and development on the production of carbon-free hydrogen, enable training on these new energies and their applications, and ultimately become a venue for the production of green hydrogen. “Comment Dominique Foret.

“To maximize technical and scientific synergies and streamline investment, bring together the largest number of experimental university developments ever distributed in Toulouse in the same building to address many of the upcoming challenges. 20 years in industry, while helping out. This building is specially designed and equipped (scientific equipment over 20 million euros), includes an academic equipment platform, an area dedicated to industrial partners, and a tertiary space. All in all, it allows the concentration of unique skills to best support the development of innovation in the field. It hosts research and industrial development projects that can mobilize up to 120 people on the site. The core of about 40 people “) is these adapted facilities, 12 companies that carry out projects for 6-36 months” will add a regional council as part of it.

With a surface area of ​​”only” 10,000 m2, the future techno campus will be surrounded by the grounds for tertiary activities, services and business accommodation. “38 hectares are already too small compared to the demand we have,” admits the first vice president of Metropolis. The territory of Toulouse has actually suffered from land shortages for several years, especially to enable the development of its business and, above all, to keep them in the territory.

Logistics Real Estate: Super Tension Toulouse Market (3/4)

Tertiary real estate: Toulouse market is picking up (2/4)

To partially meet the demand for this galloping on their side, the community plans to reserve a large area for them in the heart of Pink City. In the future, 25,000m2 of the 50,000m2 offices planned for the project will be “Digital excellence campus with themes of data, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in particular“Bertrand Serp, especially Vice President of Digital Migration, Toulouse Métropole, who expects a budget of € 65 million for this new totem location, says La FrenchTech, Digital 113 Cluster, La Mêlée Numérique, Aniti and therefore laboratories, specialties. Schools, and specialized companies in this field, can live there.

AI: Vitesco and Aniti Institute work together to achieve more advanced Industry 4.0

Health, space, and MEETT are also attachment points

In addition to the two centers under construction in Toulouse, you can rely on your existing bases to see the light of day, such as the event center that sees the light around the new MEETT exhibition in the town of Bozel, north of Toulouse. center. For the record, this new site, oOfficially operational from September 3, it has a 15,000 m2 Convention & Congress Center, a 40,000 m2 exhibition hall and a 25,000 m2 outdoor exhibition area. Metropolis is surrounded by events, business tourism, Tertiary. “”The company has already settled there.“I guarantee Dominique Foret.

MEETT, a huge exhibition center in Toulouse, will finally host its first show

In addition, the community further south of Toulouse wants to enhance the dynamism of the health sector by building an oncopole campus around its eponymous facility. The already dynamic geographic sector connects thousands of jobs with hundreds of health-related businesses. Elected officials want to fully focus this place on future health, especially relying on these major investments like Evotec. This creates hundreds of jobs.

Biomedicine: Evotec has invested € 150 million in Toulouse for production sites

Finally, Pink City wants to make up the last pole in the Toulouse-Montaudran district under construction. For example, the area, which already has the B612 building dedicated to innovation, is home to the Toulouse Aerospace Center dedicated to space, climate, and artificial intelligence. Thousands of square meters of tertiary buildings will see the light of day in the coming years. And to support this space activity, Metropole is working to create a foundation aimed at raising funds to advance at the legal level of collection and use in relation to space. .. “”This will enable the business of many innovative startups on these themes, based in Toulouse, especially in the context of environmental protection.“Agnès Plagneux-Bertrand, Metropolitan Council for Aviation and Space, concludes.

The Toulouse Aerospace District, which is still under construction, is taking shape.Report