Automakers were forced to stop

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War in Ukraine: automakers forced to stop

The economic impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not so long. In the automotive sector, some brands have begun to announce temporary suspensions due to supply shortages. Therefore, the production of Renault, Ford, Volkswagen and even Stellantis will be slowed down. A new problem that automakers would have been doing well had already been penalized for over a year due to a shortage of semiconductors.

Therefore, Volkswagen will suspend production for several days next week in Zwickau and Dresden (Germany) due to a shortage of supply from Ukrainian suppliers. The consequences of the war will inevitably be serious for the group, which sells nearly 100,000 cars each year in Russia. As part of that, the Renault Group has revealed that strengthening border control is causing supply problems. Russia accounts for 5-10% of the total sales of French manufacturers.

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Bruno Le Mer “wants to cause the collapse of the Russian economy”

“We intend to wage a full-scale economic and financial war against Russia,” warned Bruno Le Mer, Minister of Economy of France Amfo, on Tuesday, March 1. “We have prepared another package of sanctions under consideration. This morning we have a proposal from the European Commission,” said Bercy’s tenant. “We will cause the collapse of the Russian economy,” he further declared. “The economic and financial balance of power is in full favor of the European Union in the process of discovering that economic power,” the Minister added.

Photo Le DL / Georges Aubrey

Photo Le DL / Georges Aubrey

Isere: This farmer uses organic cards, not intensive farming

Anju farmer Eric Rosier switched to organic farming over 13 years ago. His farm, Saint-Sovereign, produces 15 kinds of summer vegetables, fruits and grains. That practice is miles away from the practice of intensive farming, especially with pesticides. So he explains how the products he uses are different.

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Trade and Russian property touched by Geneva

The welcome resumption of European Union sanctions by the Swiss Federation could have two minor implications for Geneva: freezing certain oligarch assets and slowing trade … generally Russia’s direct in Switzerland Employment is only 42,000 … the fact remains The fact remains. From hotels to watchmaking, certain sectors, including the luxury sector, have also lost customers, of which wealthy Swiss are the main consumers.

And what is the impact on the airport? At the moment it is quite limited. Obviously, given the attack on Ukraine, there is no doubt about flying from Geneva to Kyiv. And we can’t do that for Moscow, especially as the Union resumed airspace closures on Monday, which had been in force in most countries of the European Union.

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Photo Le DL / Alain ARRIVETS

Photo Le DL / Alain ARRIVETS

Vaucluse: Laëtitia Vinuesa turns Avignon’s MIN into the future

This is the first time for Avignon’s MIN. Since its founding in 1963, the economic center of Marseille Route has always been controlled by its directors. After spending nine years in Grand Avignon, the director has been in charge of this amazing machine since January. But for Laëtitia Vinuesa, it only favors the ever-changing feminization of the agricultural food sector. For this food and agriculture expert, the national interest market is a notable tool that nevertheless needs to expand its mission. “We need to be more open to the outside world,” says 42-year-old Norman, determined to put her skills into the services of this lesser-known community in Avignon.

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Merger of TF1-M6: TFX and 6ter channels will be sold to Altique Media

TF1 and M6, which we want to merge early next year, can only hold 7 channels to comply with audiovisual regulations. Therefore, they agreed to sell the TFX and 6ter channels to Altique Media (BFM, RMC) so that they could carry out the project. Sales are not disclosed, but the value of the channel is estimated based on viewer share, which is about € 50 million per viewer point, according to analysts. According to Médiametrie, TFX (formerly NT1, acquired by TF1 in 2010) generally earned a 1.6% PDA (up 0.1 points over a year) in February, but 6ter (in 2012). (Release) peaked at 1.4% (down 0.2 points).

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Photo Le DL / Julien PICCARRETA

Photo Le DL / Julien PICCARRETA

Isere: These farmers decided to play it all together

In Saint-Latier, on the border between Isere and Drome, about 12 young farmers have decided to join the collective farm La Clef dessables. The adventure started in 2020, and now there are about a dozen “farmers”. Everything around 30s. Above all, it’s all organic because it’s sensitive to new production methods. Finally, “new” compared to the standards imposed on France since the end of World War II.

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Switzerland resumes all EU sanctions

It’s a historic moment. The Swiss government announced on Monday 28 February that it would resume all EU sanctions on Russia, including the freezing of bank assets. In reality, it raises questions about neutrality, but the measures envisioned by the government.

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Photo DL

Photo DL

Isere: A new cellulose package will (probably) be invented in Grenoble

The Grenoble INP Foundation has collaborated with several manufacturers to launch a new education and research chair entitled “Cellulose Valley”. Its purpose is to design new high performance cellulose-based materials for the packaging industry. For the first four years, DS Smith Packaging France (manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions), Ahlstrom Munksjö (nonwoven and specialty paper), Guillin Group’s Alphaform (molded cellulose), and Citoo (reducing the environmental impact of packaging and paper). Mission to work for).

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Isere: Former Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber was at GEM

He is the youngest financial officer of a CAC 40 company, has an exemplary career as a big boss, and became CEO of Danon in 2017. Exiled in 2021 by Group shareholders who did not agree to governance, he began publishing his latest book, Opening apath, at Grenoble École Management on Friday, February 25th. The auditorium is packed tonight, with students, teachers and elected officials emmanuel Faber and his atypical way, the financial world to realize ecosystem transitions, social and environmental justice, and things. He has always regarded himself as a “penetrator” of large capitalism.

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Photo DL / Laure MAMET

Photo DL / Laure MAMET

Ukrainian War: Concerns of Isere Peasants

Farmers, grain producers and breeders may have been the first to be affected by the economic impact of the war in Ukraine. As the Head of State recalled during the emergence of a whirlwind in Salon de l’Agriculture, increases in energy, inputs, and certain raw materials seem inevitable.

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The “effect” of sanctions “already visible in Russia”

“We have decided to strengthen economic and financial sanctions on Russia and the Russian oligarchs,” said Bruno Le Mer, Minister of Economy, on Monday, February 28. “Last night, all the assets of the Central Bank of Russia were frozen, which represents a total of tens of billions of euros that undermines the Central Bank’s ability to fund foreign exchange reserves and Russia’s foreign currency trade.”

“The direct impact of this decision is already seen in Russia on the level of the ruble, interest rates, and the Russian financial markets,” the Minister asserted. In addition, add: “We continue to have a full inventory of real estate, yachts and luxury car financial assets belonging to the Russian personality under European sanctions.