Aude: Employers are already worried about bills that are too heavy for the economy


Officials from the Medef, U2P and CPME sectors have warned of the status of Aude’s economic structure. Between soaring energy, raw material explosions and speculation, tax concerns, and hiring difficulties, Aude employers are afraid that businesses will ultimately pay. Specification.

Recovery is too short

When “Growth outlook” Approved by the Aude company for health improvement launched in 2022. “And a war in Ukraine broke out.”Summarizes Christophe Bourguet, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME). “Aud companies that have begun to glimpse the actual concrete recovery are experiencing great turmoil again.” And quoting buildings, industry, commerce, hotels and restaurants, services, transportation of people and goods seems to prove that the sector is inevitable. International events that undermine economic structures that are being hampered by raw material and energy prices: “The bill is skyrocketing despite years of efforts for rational consumption.”Christoph Burghe continues.

Gilbert Campana, chairman of the Local Business Alliance (U2P), reminds us of his electricity bill. “For more than a month, despite stable consumption, it increased by 40% to reach € 3,200.”.. Accumulated load and worsening context: “We were expecting the announced growth, but it’s far from what we expected. I regret Joël Rigail, the president of Medef del’Aude. And if you add the interest rates of banks that are starting to rise, this all means that companies will invest less. And investment creates employment. “


Speculation was blamed

Post-Covid recovery had the negative impact of raw material shortages and increased costs.Note the head of the employers’ union, mentioning the outbreak of the phenomenon of worsening war in Ukraine “Wood, tiles, tiles, iron” In particular, it is related to the restrictions on the activities of the producers themselves, which are strongly affected by energy costs.

But this is another factor that U2P’s Gilbert Campana wanted to point out. “We have wood and we have it in stock. But there is an intermediary between production and the final product. We are playing with quantity limits to raise prices.” And it provides another example to explain the sacrifices made to the enterprise. “For a 15mm OSB wood panel, it went from 5 euros to 10 euros per sheet. For a 25mm panel, the same thing went from 8 euros to 13 or 14 euros.” Bill suffers, companies “Reduce the margin, but there are limits.” And remember it “Reducing margins also means that we are no longer investing. We are lowering our activities, but we are still driving the economy.”

Manpower required

Without the hiring difficulties emphasized by U2P Vice President Olivier Assié, the overall picture of the economic situation would not have been complete.Discovery he is linking “Post-Covid cataclysms: all sectors are difficult to hire not only in skilled trade, but also in unskilled positions. Health, transportation, hotels, commerce, these trades are constrained, night shifts and weekends No one seems to want it, and Ukraine has nothing to do with this issue, which has never been discussed in the presidential election. ” This lack of charm, Gilbert Campana recognizes it well in the building. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are in terms of income and working conditions. “I feel things have improved, but we obviously have to adapt.”.. And warning: “For a company, the limits are easy to define: when the selling price is not enough for the production cost. But raising wages, and therefore the selling price, of course affects purchasing power.”

Call for solidarity

Rising energy and raw materials, difficulty hiring, rising interest rates … so many factors of uncertainty for businesses “People who have no visibility and have been sailing in visibility for two years”Lament Christoph Burge. What makes sense to avoid a deadly blow: “This may not be the time when our taxation will be affected by inconsistent decisions.” Reference material for property tax of companies voted by municipalities and Interco this spring. “There is a debate about rental value, which is an indicator of CFE. Even if we know that the community needs resources, this needs to be reasonable and rational. Companies are a variable for adjustment. Because it cannot be. “