“At the military and economic level (…) we will be without weakness” against Russia (Emmanuel Macron)

Fighting is intensifying in Ukraine, and Emmanuel Macron spoke from the Elysee Palace around 2 pm after Vladimir Putin announced an early morning invasion of Russia. The Head of State called on Moscow to “end the military operation immediately” in Ukraine and “hope for a NATO summit as soon as possible in consultation with partners and allies.”

“He (President Putin), along with his allies, European partners, has decided to carry out the most serious attack on peace against our European stability for decades. The sanctions imposed on Russia will be commensurate with the attacks it is guilty of, “Emmanuel Macron declared.

The exacerbation of this crisis occurs after Emmanuel Macron mobilized for several weeks to attempt a diplomatic solution, especially after visiting Moscow and meeting Vladimir Putin and Kiev for more than five hours.

The defense council, urgently convened in a bunker reserved for a crisis situation under Elysee, is a key member of the government, Prime Minister Jean Castex and Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian (Minister of Foreign Affairs). Was collected for an hour and a half. Bruno Le Mer (Economics), Florence Parly (Army), Gerald Darmanin (Internal), Diplomatic and Security Advisor.

The President of France added Elysee by studying aid measures to Ukraine and preparing an international conference scheduled for the day, along with a “very solid message of support” to the country-3 pm G7 by video conference at the time, European Council at 8 pm.

“Disinformation” and “Total War”

France is also trying to gather information in the field thanks to 20 French observers within the framework of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) because “there is a lot of disinformation”.

Paris is also working to help the public on the spot, of which more than 500 have already returned to Orsay Street, but about 600 are still there.

“France is in solidarity with Ukraine. Alongside the Ukrainians, we will work with their partners and allies to end the war,” he added.

At 8 am, he called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to guarantee “French support and solidarity.” Kiev says a “massive aggression” is underway.

France chaired the EU Council earlier this year, while the Head of State also increased interaction with other European leaders such as Olaf Scholz of Germany and Joe Biden of the United States.

Immanuel Macron “Speak to the country right away,” and announced Elysee in a tweet. The tweet is accompanied by a short video from the beginning of the Defense Council, where the head of state of France explained that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “explained the situation of total war” and “all actions”. Plan short. ” The period to be taken and the initiative to be taken at the European and international levels. “

What is the reaction from NATO?

The response of the 29 member states of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is not military. “NATO has no troops in Ukraine and has no plans or intentions to deploy troops in this country,” Jens Stortemberg asserted at the end of the emergency meeting of the ambassadors of the allies.

“We held a video conference summit tomorrow (Friday) to analyze future directions and revitalize our defense program so that we can exercise our reaction capabilities as needed.”

“We have increased our presence in Eastern Europe for several weeks. We have thousands of soldiers and we plan to send more troops in the future,” he said.

However, Jens Stoltenberg mentioned the “transmitting factor” of NATO’s reaction force. It has 40,000 soldiers, has a Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) consisting of 8,000 soldiers, including 7,000 French, and has an aviation unit currently under French command.

“This deployment is aimed at preventing attacks. NATO’s mission is defensive and warns that any attack on one ally is considered an attack on all,” he said.

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