At Saint-Etienne Metropole, like anywhere else, the economy must show “green feet”


After two years of absence, the Saint-Etienne Metropole Economic Conference returned on Tuesday for five days.When Edition at La Verrière. 350 “economic players” in the region participated in the intervention of community president Gaël Perdriau under the theme of “a big city operating in the face of crisis”. Honorary guest economist Philippe Desseltin presents his vision, both pessimistic and optimistic, about the geopolitical and economic situation of the world, where the need for sustainable development already dictates investment. Did…

Economists Philippe Dessertine and Gaël Perdriau met Stéphane Media on Tuesday. © Saint-Etienne Metropolis

“I’m not betting on it. News. »» An essayist economist who is the director of the Institute for Auto Finance in Paris – sometimes a novelist, but that’s another chapter – Philip Desseltin said in his latest book: Great shift (Robert-Laffont, 2021), as a paradoxical result of globalization, the arrival of a new world economic era where corporate profitability is no longer a funding benchmark. VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, large groups, multinationals: all already need to show investors more “green po” through non-financial information.

“Sustainable development, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility, Ed.) Make an agreement in the first placeI believe in Philippe Dessertine. The project is considered runnable only in this way. This is also useful for hiring when talking about employer branding. More and more people are looking for meaning first and are willing to prioritize their position even before compensation. Western Europe is at the forefront of this issue, but in both cases China is following an increasingly widespread regulation that is unknown to the general public but is already adjusting the market. The United States is further behind, but it is still following and needs to be followed. »» For example, Total didn’t accidentally change its name. This is more than a communication operation for the author …

Increasingly sophisticated regulations on sustainable development, unknown to the general public, are already adjusting the market.

Philip Desseltin, Director, Institute for Monetary and Advanced Finance, Paris

Unreliable global context

The alarming situation of the world must be encouraged to face for economists. © Saint-Etienne Metropolis

Yes, but is flashback related to the Ukrainian war? People around energy who have the idea of ​​using shale gas, or the idea of ​​doing it in agriculture without fallow? “It’s temporary”, Project Philippe Dessertine.It’s for 2When We are willing to intervene in part of nature, for example, in front of the 350 “economic actors” of Saint-Etienne Metropole. Philippe Dessertine’s analysis was particularly noticeable to one of his readers, Gaël Perdriau. “Very harmonious” With them.Also, the president of the big city made him a guest of honor of five.When The first economic conference held in Verriere. The new reception room at Saint-Etienne Evement, next to the Congress Center, which has been in operation since September 2020, was finally able to open on this occasion.

Leading remarks on the global geopolitical situation and its economic impact (serious shortage of food, energy, raw materials, rapid inflation, rate of increase, confinement in China, all monitored by global warming) The beautiful environment of accepting Philippe Dersertin is not very reassuring. Therefore, even for opponents of this degrowth, whether they are familiar with CAC 40 or local construction workers who respond to the public order, the situation is head-on and the strategy is in the above trend. Need to adapt. The purpose of the Saint-Etienne Metropole Economic Conference is, of course, not limited to lectures that encourage business leaders to grow taller and turn right, often holding their heads on the handlebars. It is also an opportunity for the community to signal the local business community.


This is whatever the cost of a big city

The purpose of this conference is also to make the company aware that at all levels there are public contracts we offer and that we have access to them...

Gaël Perdriau, President of Saint-Etienne Metropole

350 “economic actors” from Saint-Etienne Metropole gathered at La Verriere on Tuesday. © Saint-Etienne Métropole

Gaël Perdriau practiced in his speech and showed that he did not disappoint him by remembering financial and social support measures. “320 million euros big city reconstruction plan While continuing to reduce debt. And it’s not over, reminding me of Gaël Perdriau, who emphasized the future investment of Saint-Etienne Metropole. Thanks to the slight increase in taxes on households and businesses, the Metropolitan Financial Agreement plans to invest € 400 million in the first phase to € 800 million today. What major projects do you need to expect?

“We’re not hiding anything. You shouldn’t expect a spectacular project out of the woods.Gaël Perdriau Guarantee. In 2022 alone, we will invest 120 million euros to start securing large-scale sanitary facilities and building ice rinks, for example. The purpose of this conference is also to raise awareness at all levels that local businesses have access to these public markets. Especially those who never respond to bid calls they have all legitimacy. »» Therefore, by being in the technician’s room at Saint-Etienne Metropole, I would like to raise awareness, inform managers and learn more through direct discussions.